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Billy Ogles - Chris Ogles Christina Ogles - Dewayne Ogles Diana Ogles - Gabrielle Ogles Gail Ogles - Janet Ogles Janette Ogles - Judy Ogles Juli Ogles - Lee Ogles Lemyal Ogles - Matthew Ogles Mattie Ogles - Patrick Ogles Patti Ogles - Ruby Ogles Russell Ogles - Tayna Ogles Tenika Ogles - Williams Ogles Willie Ogles - Allen Oglesbee Allison Oglesbee - Brandy Oglesbee Brenda Oglesbee - Colin Oglesbee Collin Oglesbee - Doris Oglesbee Dorothy Oglesbee - Glenn Oglesbee Gloria Oglesbee - Jeffery Oglesbee Jeffrey Oglesbee - Kay Oglesbee Keith Oglesbee - Mack Oglesbee Mandie Oglesbee - Morgan Oglesbee Muriel Oglesbee - Regina Oglesbee Rendel Oglesbee - Sheila Oglesbee Shelby Oglesbee - Vance Oglesbee Vengha Oglesbee - Patricia Oglesbey Sherrie Oglesbey - Alayna Oglesby Albert Oglesby - Alton Oglesby Alva Oglesby - Anita Oglesby Ann Oglesby - Ashley Oglesby Ashly Oglesby - Benita Oglesby Benjamin Oglesby - Bobbie Oglesby Bobby Oglesby - Brittanie Oglesby Brittany Oglesby - Camille Oglesby Candace Oglesby - Cathenia Oglesby Catherine Oglesby - Chasity Oglesby Chastity Oglesby - Cindi Oglesby Cindie Oglesby - Conred Oglesby Constance Oglesby - Danae Oglesby Danda Oglesby - David Oglesby Davis Oglesby - Demetrius Oglesby Demont Oglesby - Dianna Oglesby Dianne Oglesby - Doug Oglesby Douglas Oglesby - Eleauthio Oglesby Eleauthiou Oglesby - Emmett Oglesby Enid Oglesby - Fafa Oglesby Faith Oglesby - Freddie Oglesby Freddy Oglesby - Geraldine Oglesby Gerard Oglesby - Hall Oglesby Hallie Oglesby - Holley Oglesby Holli Oglesby - Ira Oglesby