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Jacqueline Orris - Jessie Orris Jil Orris - Justine Orris Kaliea Orris - Kristine Orris Kristy Orris - Logan Orris Lois Orris - Marissa Orris Marjorie Orris - Mmccauley Orris Molly Orris - Patsy Orris Patti Orris - Ris Orris Rita Orris - Sarah Orris Savannah Orris - Suzanne Orris Swang Orris - Tracy Orris Trent Orris - Zach Orris Zachary Orris - Barbara Orrison Becky Orrison - Charles Orrison Charlotte Orrison - Doris Orrison Dorothy Orrison - Harold Orrison Heather Orrison - John Orrison Johnnie Orrison - Leslie Orrison Leta Orrison - Michael Orrison Michele Orrison - Rebecca Orrison Renee Orrison - Sherri Orrison Sherry Orrison - Vicki Orrison Victoria Orrison - James Orriss Jerem Orriss - John Orritasenn Kevin Orritfitzpatrick - Lynda Orrjohnson Mary Orrjohnson - Larry Orrjr Lawrence Orrjr - Richard Orrknott Katelyn Orrknowlton - Anne Orrlu Jan Orrluff - Brewster Orrmerrill Lavonne Orrmeyerott - Rochelle Orrnewton Billy Orrng - Andrew Orrock Andy Orrock - Gary Orrock Gayle Orrock - Kenneth Orrock Keri Orrock - Robby Orrock Robert Orrock - Bob Orrok Chris Orrok - Daisy Orrokfrazier Nathaniel Orrokmould - Chriso Orros Christie Orros - Bernardino Orrosquieta Blanca Orrosquieta - Alfredo Orrostieta Aline Orrostieta - Gabriel Orrostieta Gregorio Orrostieta - Roman Orrostieta Rosa Orrostieta - Daniel Orrow Darren Orrow - Mark Orrow Mary Orrow - David Orroyo Edna Orroyo - Jesus Orrozco Jose Orrozco - Marion Orrquery Anthony Orrs - Virginia Orrsharpe Patrick Orrshea - Thomas Orrson Cynthia Orrsonnek - Margaret Orrsvolos