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Kelly Lewandowski - Len Lewandowski Leni Lewandowski - Majorie Lewandowski Makenzie Lewandowski - Micheal Lewandowski Michel Lewandowski - Peggy Lewandowski Penny Lewandowski - Rose Lewandowski Roseann Lewandowski - Stanly Lewandowski Star Lewandowski - Tonya Lewandowski Tracey Lewandowski - Zygmunt Lewandowski Jana Lewandowskibarefoot - Frank Lewandroski Katie Lewandroski - Shao Lewang Xian Lewang - Stefanie Lewanowski Stephanie Lewanowski - Kyle Lewarchick Lisa Lewarchick - Agnes Leware Carol Leware - Joyce Lewark Judith Lewark - Barbara Lewarne Betty Lewarne - Jeanine Lewars Jeff Lewars - Meyer Lewartowski Sholem Lewartowski - Aislinn Lewayne Beatrice Lewayne - Diana Lewchi Cynthia Lewchick - Evelyn Lewczak Frances Lewczak - James Lewczyk Jamie Lewczyk - Henry Lewe Jacob Lewe - Zachary Leweichert Daniel Leweidner - Francis Lewek Franco Lewek - Carol Lewell Charles Lewell - Vickie Lewellan William Lewellan - Blanche Lewellen Bob Lewellen - Constance Lewellen Cora Lewellen - Erin Lewellen Erma Lewellen - Jaimee Lewellen Jake Lewellen - Kathryn Lewellen Kathy Lewellen - Lucille Lewellen Lucinda Lewellen - Nicole Lewellen Nielsen Lewellen - Rory Lewellen Rosa Lewellen - Thos Lewellen Tia Lewellen - Shannon Leweller Shawn Leweller - Brent Lewelling Brian Lewelling - Karen Lewelling Katherine Lewelling - Tammy Lewelling Tamra Lewelling - Alvin Lewellyn Alyssa Lewellyn - Christophe Lewellyn Christopher Lewellyn - Fiedler Lewellyn Florence Lewellyn - Jennifer Lewellyn Jenny Lewellyn - Lawrence Lewellyn Lee Lewellyn - Monger Lewellyn Montgomery Lewellyn - Sears Lewellyn Sebra Lewellyn - Willism Lewellyn Wilma Lewellyn - Justin Lewen Ken Lewen - Anthony Lewendon Anthonymichael Lewendon - Sandy Lewens