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Tynaizha Jefferson - Tyson Jefferson Tytaina Jefferson - Valarie Jefferson Valda Jefferson - Vanya Jefferson Vaquan Jefferson - Venora Jefferson Venus Jefferson - Vetrano Jefferson Vetrece Jefferson - Virene Jefferson Virgi Jefferson - Wa Jefferson Waddell Jefferson - Wayneisha Jefferson Wc Jefferson - Wilcox Jefferson Wilda Jefferson - Wilma Jefferson Wilso Jefferson - Wyndell Jefferson Wyneesha Jefferson - Yolande Jefferson Yolonda Jefferson - Zajor Jefferson Zaki Jefferson - Zinde Jefferson Zinnie Jefferson - Maxine Jeffersonbrown Michael Jeffersonbrown - Frederica Jeffersoneas Chenee Jeffersonel - Veronica Jeffersonhawkins Doris Jeffersonhenderson - Alfred Jeffersonjr Alvin Jeffersonjr - Oscar Jeffersonjr Paul Jeffersonjr - Sheryl Jeffersonmanu Jennifer Jeffersonmarin - Bethany Jeffersonnune Norma Jeffersonoats - Temple Jeffersons Terry Jeffersons - Kenneth Jeffersonsr Kevin Jeffersonsr - Katie Jeffersonwhitlow Patricia Jeffersonwhitson - Elease Jefferssamue Pamela Jefferssantjer - Michael Jefferts Patricia Jefferts - Akiim Jeffery Akilah Jeffery - Amelia Jeffery Ammie Jeffery - Archie Jeffery Ardell Jeffery - Banks Jeffery Barb Jeffery - Betsy Jeffery Bette Jeffery - Brandy Jeffery Branham Jeffery - Burgess Jeffery Burke Jeffery - Carmelita Jeffery Carmella Jeffery - Chari Jeffery Charise Jeffery - Chuber Jeffery Chuck Jeffery - Combs Jeffery Comley Jeffery - Daisey Jeffery Daisia Jeffery - Davina Jeffery Davion Jeffery - Deron Jeffery Derrick Jeffery - Doreen Jeffery Dorinda Jeffery - Edward Jeffery Edwards Jeffery - Enoch Jeffery Enslin Jeffery - Fayette Jeffery Fee Jeffery - Frieda Jeffery Fritz Jeffery - Gergory Jeffery Geri Jeffery - Greta Jeffery Griffin Jeffery - Hassan Jeffery Hastings Jeffery - Hooper Jeffery Hoover Jeffery - Jace Jeffery
Jacie Jeffery - Janine Jeffery Janis Jeffery - Jenkins Jeffery Jenn Jeffery - Jocelyn Jeffery Jodi Jeffery - Judd Jeffery Jude Jeffery - Karlie Jeffery Karon Jeffery - Kenny Jeffery Kent Jeffery - Kurt Jeffery Kurtis Jeffery - Latrice Jeffery Latrina Jeffery - Levi Jeffery Levonda Jeffery - Lori Jeffery Lorick Jeffery - Lyle Jeffery Lyn Jeffery - Marcy Jeffery Marda Jeffery - Marvin Jeffery Mary Jeffery - Melba Jeffery Meledy Jeffery - Mintz Jeffery Miranda Jeffery - Myra Jeffery Myranda Jeffery - Noah Jeffery Noble Jeffery - Parker Jeffery Parks Jeffery - Philip Jeffery Phillip Jeffery - Ransom Jeffery Raoul Jeffery - Rich Jeffery Richard Jeffery - Ronda Jeffery Rondelle Jeffery - Ryann Jeffery Sabrina Jeffery - Shakira Jeffery Shamanda Jeffery - Shiela Jeffery Shirelle Jeffery - Stanton Jeffery Star Jeffery - Taja Jeffery Takeyla Jeffery - Terri Jeffery Terrie Jeffery - Tom Jeffery Tomas Jeffery - Tyreisha Jeffery Tyron Jeffery - Wagner Jeffery Walker Jeffery - Wiley Jeffery Wilfred Jeffery - Yolanda Jeffery Yolonda Jeffery - Marion Jefferyhock Rosezine Jefferyhooper - Alvin Jefferys Amanda Jefferys - Bre Jefferys Breasia Jefferys - Constance Jefferys Corey Jefferys - Earl Jefferys Ed Jefferys - Grace Jefferys Grady Jefferys - Jerry Jefferys Jesse Jefferys - Keith Jefferys Kelly Jefferys - Mabel Jefferys Mable Jefferys - Myra Jefferys Myron Jefferys - Rayshawn Jefferys Rebecca Jefferys - Sherri Jefferys Sherrie Jefferys - Tracey Jefferys Tracy Jefferys - Rhonda Jefferysneed Charles Jefferysr - Mary Jeffes Matthew Jeffes - Casey Jeffeson
Charles Jeffeson - Leroy Jeffeson Linda Jeffeson - Tyrone Jeffeson Valerie Jeffeson - Catherine Jeffeys Erin Jeffeys - Thomas Jeffie Wright Jeffie - Susan Jeffiery Aaron Jeffies - Mary Jeffies Megan Jeffies - Amanda Jeffires Amber Jeffires - Jason Jeffires Jean Jeffires - Ronnie Jeffires Russell Jeffires - Lucille Jeffirs Matthew Jeffirs - James Jeffley Kimberly Jeffley - Jane Jeffnes Kathy Jeffnes - Lowell Jefforck Aaron Jefford - Dana Jefford David Jefford - Jordon Jefford Jose Jefford - Nikki Jefford Ora Jefford - Winnie Jefford Ronald Jeffordes - Ansley Jeffords Anthony Jeffords - Brad Jeffords Bradley Jeffords - Charlene Jeffords Charles Jeffords - Dana Jeffords Dane Jeffords - Douglas Jeffords Douglass Jeffords - Gail Jeffords Garrett Jeffords - Jackson Jeffords Jacob Jeffords - Joanne Jeffords Jodi Jeffords - Kelvin Jeffords Ken Jeffords - Lewis Jeffords Lexie Jeffords - Martha Jeffords Marti Jeffords - Naomi Jeffords Natalie Jeffords - Rebekah Jeffords Regan Jeffords - Scott Jeffords Sean Jeffords - Teran Jeffords Teresa Jeffords - Viki Jeffords Virginia Jeffords - Samuel Jeffordsparrish Wayne Jeffordspaul - Richard Jeffors Kim Jefforsnelson - Sharon Jeffr Stanley Jeffr - Leonna Jeffray Malet Jeffray - Joseph Jeffre Keith Jeffre - Jeffrey Jeffredo John Jeffredo - David Jeffreies Debra Jeffreies - Zenaida Jeffreies Aaron Jeffreis - Edward Jeffreis Elizabeth Jeffreis - Kim Jeffreis Kimberly Jeffreis - Shawn Jeffreis Sheila Jeffreis - Grace Jeffrery Gregory Jeffrery - Blake Jeffres Bob Jeffres - Earl Jeffres Eddie Jeffres - Johanna Jeffres John Jeffres - Megan Jeffres
Meghan Jeffres - Steve Jeffres Steven Jeffres - Lisa Jeffreson Martin Jeffreson - Barry Jeffress Bealah Jeffress - Charlette Jeffress Charlie Jeffress - Denise Jeffress Derotha Jeffress - Freddie Jeffress Freddit Jeffress - Jane Jeffress Janet Jeffress - Juanita Jeffress Judith Jeffress - Loraine Jeffress Loren Jeffress - Nacole Jeffress Nakitta Jeffress - Rufus Jeffress Ruth Jeffress - Thelma Jeffress Theodore Jeffress - James Jeffressjr John Jeffressjr - Adrien Jeffrey Adrienne Jeffrey - Alesha Jeffrey Alesia Jeffrey - Amber Jeffrey Ambrose Jeffrey - Anna Jeffrey Annabel Jeffrey - Arne Jeffrey Arnel Jeffrey - Avery Jeffrey Avis Jeffrey - Bartley Jeffrey Barton Jeffrey - Benson Jeffrey Bentley Jeffrey - Bird Jeffrey Birkle Jeffrey - Born Jeffrey Borne Jeffrey - Bret Jeffrey Brett Jeffrey - Bucher Jeffrey Buck Jeffrey - Calvin Jeffrey Cameron Jeffrey - Carolyn Jeffrey Carolynn Jeffrey - Chalmers Jeffrey Chambers Jeffrey - Chloe Jeffrey Chouinard Jeffrey - Claudet Jeffrey Claudett Jeffrey - Collett Jeffrey Collette Jeffrey - Cornis Jeffrey Corrine Jeffrey - Cummings Jeffrey Cundiff Jeffrey - Daron Jeffrey Darrel Jeffrey - Dejesus Jeffrey Del Jeffrey - Dewi Jeffrey Dewitt Jeffrey - Dona Jeffrey Donald Jeffrey - Dugan Jeffrey Duke Jeffrey - Egan Jeffrey Ehlers Jeffrey - Emerald Jeffrey Emeric Jeffrey - Esteban Jeffrey Estella Jeffrey - Felber Jeffrey Felder Jeffrey - Flores Jeffrey Flowers Jeffrey - Friend Jeffrey Fritz Jeffrey - Gayle Jeffrey Gaylon Jeffrey - Gilley Jeffrey Gillian Jeffrey - Gossard Jeffrey Gottlieb Jeffrey - Gunther Jeffrey Gustafson Jeffrey - Hanson Jeffrey