People with names between Shane Jeeter - Vicky Jefferies

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Marcia Jeffcoat - Meghan Jeffcoat Mel Jeffcoat - Natalie Jeffcoat Natasha Jeffcoat - Patrica Jeffcoat Patricia Jeffcoat - Renee Jeffcoat Rhett Jeffcoat - Rudolph Jeffcoat Rudy Jeffcoat - Shellvonne Jeffcoat Shelly Jeffcoat - Sylvia Jeffcoat Tabatha Jeffcoat - Tossey Jeffcoat Tracey Jeffcoat - Wendell Jeffcoat Wendy Jeffcoat - Nora Jeffcoatgrow Louise Jeffcoathoy - Dave Jeffcoats David Jeffcoats - Terry Jeffcoats Tiffany Jeffcoats - Elisabeth Jeffcote James Jeffcote - Jason Jeffcott Jeffery Jeffcott - Teresa Jeffcott Thomas Jeffcott - Barron Jeffe Bass Jeffe - Caudill Jeffe Charles Jeffe - Dearing Jeffe Deaton Jeffe - Forshey Jeffe Fowler Jeffe - Harold Jeffe Harriett Jeffe - Janet Jeffe Jason Jeffe - Lee Jeffe Leger Jeffe - Mcclendon Jeffe Mccoy Jeffe - Olson Jeffe Osborne Jeffe - Reyes Jeffe Reynolds Jeffe - Schmidt Jeffe Schultz Jeffe - Todd Jeffe Torres Jeffe - Rachel Jeffears Avery Jeffeaux - Carlos Jeffel Mike Jeffel - Anne Jeffer Annette Jeffer - Curtis Jeffer Dale Jeffer - Gene Jeffer George Jeffer - Joseph Jeffer Josh Jeffer - Matt Jeffer Matthew Jeffer - Rochelle Jeffer Rodney Jeffer - Tosanna Jeffer Turnipseed Jeffer - Barbara Jefferds Beverly Jefferds - Guy Jefferds Ian Jefferds - Phyllis Jefferds Rawle Jefferds - Melissa Jeffererson Jones Jefferery - Laura Jefferes Lawrence Jefferes - Gennell Jeffereson George Jeffereson - Anita Jefferey Ann Jefferey - Cynthia Jefferey Dale Jefferey - Harper Jefferey Harris Jefferey - Justine Jefferey Karen Jefferey - Michael Jefferey Micheal Jefferey - Roxane Jefferey Roy Jefferey - Vicki Jefferey
Victoria Jefferey - Lisa Jeffereys Malia Jeffereys - Steven Jefferf Thomas Jefferf - Helen Jefferie James Jefferie - Adriane Jefferies Adrianne Jefferies - Aliyah Jefferies Allan Jefferies - Annie Jefferies Annjoe Jefferies - Barb Jefferies Barba Jefferies - Blade Jefferies Blair Jefferies - Bruce Jefferies Bryan Jefferies - Cassie Jefferies Catheline Jefferies - Cherica Jefferies Cherie Jefferies - Cleo Jefferies Cliff Jefferies - Curt Jefferies Curti Jefferies - Darrow Jefferies Darryl Jefferies - Demetrius Jefferies Demond Jefferies - Domond Jefferies Don Jefferies - Eddie Jefferies Edgar Jefferies - Emani Jefferies Emanuel Jefferies - Fay Jefferies Faye Jefferies - Geneal Jefferies Genev Jefferies - Gwendolyn Jefferies Hailey Jefferies - Ida Jefferies Iesha Jefferies - Jaleeah Jefferies Jamal Jefferies - Jayron Jefferies Jayson Jefferies - Jestine Jefferies Jeteria Jefferies - Joni Jefferies Jonica Jefferies - Karin Jefferies Karl Jefferies - Kenyon Jefferies Keondria Jefferies - Kyria Jefferies La Jefferies - Latrice Jefferies Latricia Jefferies - Lewis Jefferies Lia Jefferies - Lucinda Jefferies Lucius Jefferies - Marcie Jefferies Marcus Jefferies - Marylou Jefferies Mason Jefferies - Michaela Jefferies Michaele Jefferies - Myrle Jefferies Myrtle Jefferies - Nola Jefferies Nolan Jefferies - Patty Jefferies Paul Jefferies - Rae Jefferies Ralf Jefferies - Rich Jefferies Richard Jefferies - Rosetta Jefferies Rosie Jefferies - Scherry Jefferies Scot Jefferies - Sheli Jefferies Shelia Jefferies - Sonya Jefferies Sophia Jefferies - Takema Jefferies Tamar Jefferies - Teresa Jefferies Teresita Jefferies - Todd Jefferies Tolbert Jefferies - Ulysses Jefferies Undrea Jefferies - Vicky Jefferies