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Paula Jeff - Polly Jeff Pooley Jeff - Rasmussen Jeff Rauen Jeff - Ritchie Jeff Ritter Jeff - Rud Jeff Rudolph Jeff - Schroeder Jeff Schryver Jeff - Shields Jeff Shirley Jeff - Spicer Jeff Spiewak Jeff - Stout Jeff Strang Jeff - Terry Jeff Tesch Jeff - Tucker Jeff Turbeville Jeff - Walters Jeff Walton Jeff - Whitney Jeff Whittle Jeff - Woods Jeff Woodward Jeff - Cari Jeffalone David Jeffalone - Christina Jeffares Christopher Jeffares - Laurie Jeffares Lillian Jeffares - Kyle Jeffaresmedve Leon Jeffareswhitehead - Alexander Jeffay Elisa Jeffay - Mary Jeffcoast Mike Jeffcoast - Andy Jeffcoat Anelia Jeffcoat - Beatrice Jeffcoat Becky Jeffcoat - Bridget Jeffcoat Bridgette Jeffcoat - Cathleen Jeffcoat Cathy Jeffcoat - Cleatus Jeffcoat Clemon Jeffcoat - Daniel Jeffcoat Danielle Jeffcoat - Diana Jeffcoat Diane Jeffcoat - Elizabeth Jeffcoat Ella Jeffcoat - Frank Jeffcoat Frankie Jeffcoat - Grant Jeffcoat Greg Jeffcoat - Ivey Jeffcoat Jacey Jeffcoat - Jeannie Jeffcoat Jeff Jeffcoat - Joel Jeffcoat Joey Jeffcoat - Karena Jeffcoat Kariann Jeffcoat - Kristi Jeffcoat Kristie Jeffcoat - Leanne Jeffcoat Lee Jeffcoat - Lorie Jeffcoat Lorn Jeffcoat - Marion Jeffcoat Marisa Jeffcoat - Michael Jeffcoat Michaela Jeffcoat - Nichole Jeffcoat Nick Jeffcoat - Philip Jeffcoat Phillip Jeffcoat - Robet Jeffcoat Robin Jeffcoat - Samuel Jeffcoat Sanders Jeffcoat - Slyvia Jeffcoat Smitt Jeffcoat - Teresa Jeffcoat Teressa Jeffcoat - Valarie Jeffcoat Valencia Jeffcoat - Windy Jeffcoat Wm Jeffcoat - Kristin Jeffcoatpate Tanisha Jeffcoatperkins - Katherine Jeffcoats Kenneth Jeffcoats - Dorothy Jeffcock