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Sandy Holte - Judith Holteen Kathy Holteen - Michael Holtel Mike Holtel - Carrie Holten Casey Holten - Helge Holten Henry Holten - Logan Holten Lois Holten - Sheryl Holten Shirley Holten - Alycia Holter Alyson Holter - Chuck Holter Cindy Holter - Frederick Holter Freeman Holter - Jonathan Holter Jonathon Holter - Marcor Holter Marcy Holter - Rita Holter Roald Holter - Tracie Holter Tracy Holter - Kimberly Holterhoff Larry Holterhoff - Jacob Holterman Jacqueline Holterman - Tyler Holterman Virginia Holterman - Pattie Holtermann Patty Holtermann - Matthew Holtey Michelle Holtey - Amy Holtgard Angela Holtgard - Joan Holtgrave Joni Holtgrave - Philip Holtgraves Phillip Holtgraves - Katheryn Holtgren Kim Holtgren - Ann Holtgrewe Anna Holtgrewe - Merlyn Holtgrewe Michael Holtgrewe - Mary Holtgrove Dianne Holtgrygas - Jessica Holtham Joshua Holtham - Anthony Holthaus Antoinette Holthaus - Darin Holthaus Darlene Holthaus - Herman Holthaus Hilary Holthaus - Klaus Holthaus Knristi Holthaus - Natasha Holthaus Nathan Holthaus - Suzanne Holthaus Suzi Holthaus - Milena Holthausen Peter Holthausen - Patricia Holthe Paul Holthe - Anna Holthoff Ashley Holthoff - Ed Holthouse Edward Holthouse - Tyler Holthouse Val Holthouse - Richard Holthouser Rob Holthouser - Ervin Holthus Evelyn Holthus - Sue Holthus Susan Holthus - Paulette Holthusen Pauline Holthusen - Dan Holtje Daniel Holtje - Leroy Holtjr Lester Holtjr - Christine Holtkamp Christoph Holtkamp - Jill Holtkamp Jim Holtkamp - Norbert Holtkamp Norma Holtkamp - Richard Holtkampjr Lindsey Holtkampkoors - Anthony Holtman April Holtman - Deloris Holtman Denise Holtman - Jaimi Holtman