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Michael Devergenzo - Harry Deverges Hazel Deverges - Carolyn Deverich Charle Deverich - Rachel Deverick Ray Deverick - Joseph Devericks Joshua Devericks - Donna Deveries Doris Deveries - Brian Deverin Carolyn Deverin - Michael Deverling Paul Deverling - Lauren Devermann Marjorie Devermann - Kim Deverna Kimberly Deverna - Beth Deverney Bianca Deverney - Michael Deverniero Mike Deverniero - Joewell Devero John Devero - David Deverona Diane Deverona - Sean Deveroux Shaun Deveroux - Alta Devers Altagracia Devers - Carole Devers Carolina Devers - Deanna Devers Debbie Devers - Francis Devers Frank Devers - Jerry Devers Jesse Devers - La Devers Ladarrin Devers - Mel Devers Melanie Devers - Rochelle Devers Rochester Devers - Taryn Devers Tatiana Devers - Marilyn Deversdiilio Martha Deversdown - Claire Deverson Daniel Deverson - Catherine Devertemil Alex Deverter - Louis Deverteuil Luc Deverteuil - Rose Deverux Napoleon Deverveille - Duz Devery Dylan Devery - Kirkman Devery Kirsten Devery - Small Devery Smith Devery - Aubrey Devesa Caridad Devesa - Marlena Devesenberry Renee Devesenberry - Tom Devesto Michele Devestutzman - Maryann Deveto Sharon Deveto - Livingston Devette Logan Devette - Leah Devettori Luis Devettori - Brittany Devey Brittney Devey - Joe Devey John Devey - Ron Devey Ronald Devey - Genevieve Deveyra Gerryvel Deveyra - Daniel Deveze Frank Deveze - Taryanna Devezin Teresa Devezin - Alka Devi Alvin Devi - Ever Devi Fabiane Devi - Manjula Devi Manoj Devi - Ram Devi Rama Devi - Shirlene Devi Shirley Devi - Boles Devia Brianna Devia - Martha Devia
Marvin Devia - Sheila Devian Sonia Devian - Maryellen Devic Mays Devic - Lora Device Lynn Device - Silvestre Devicente Sonia Devicente - Kristy Devich Kyle Devich - Dona Devick Donna Devick - Debbie Devico Deborah Devico - Tom Devico Tommy Devico - Timothy Devictor Tony Devictor - Jovan Devictoria Juan Devictoria - Juan Devictorialopez Maribel Devictorialopez - Nadgauda Devidas Rasika Devidas - Michele Devido Nicholas Devido - Michael Devience Mike Devience - Raeellen Devier Ralph Devier - Wes Deviers Jennifer Deviersaechao - Katherine Deviese Kim Deviese - Marylou Deview Matthew Deview - Lewis Devigili Lorai Devigili - Sivakumar Devikumari Ravinder Devikutty - Emma Devila Eric Devila - Rodrigo Devila Rosa Devila - Bettie Devilbiss Betty Devilbiss - Faith Devilbiss Fay Devilbiss - Kristen Devilbiss Kristi Devilbiss - Ricky Devilbiss Rita Devilbiss - Bak Devilbliss Betty Devilbliss - Len Devilder Lena Devilder - Jeannie Devill Jennifer Devill - Delia Devilla Demetrio Devilla - Jorge Devilla Jose Devilla - Monique Devilla Monnet Devilla - Valentine Devilla Vanessa Devilla - Maria Devillagrana Martha Devillagrana - Sandra Devillalta Sonia Devillalta - Martina Devillanueva Mary Devillanueva - Starr Devillard Celia Devillareal - Eva Devillarroel Luz Devillarroel - Sonia Devillate Teresa Devillate - Adolph Deville Adrian Deville - Blaine Deville Blake Deville - Chylee Deville Ciara Deville - Diego Deville Dillard Deville - Franci Deville Francine Deville - Jamie Deville Jamika Deville - Karla Deville Kassie Deville - Lillie Deville Lilly Deville - Merri Deville Merrick Deville - Ralene Deville Ralph Deville - Shelia Deville
Shellee Deville - Tyshawn Deville Val Deville - Cristina Devilleda Elizabeth Devilleda - Graciela Devillegas Graziella Devillegas - Mario Devillehawkins Terrie Devillehebert - Geo Devillenuve Randol Devillenuve - Jeanine Devilleres Maria Devilleres - Jacob Devillers Jacqueline Devillers - Sarah Devillers Scott Devillers - Holly Devillez Jack Devillez - Abbey Devillier Adam Devillier - Chance Devillier Charlayne Devillier - Heath Devillier Heather Devillier - Laurence Devillier Laurie Devillier - Rhonda Devillier Richard Devillier - Wendy Devillier Weston Devillier - Fabiola Devilliers Florence Devilliers - Reinaldo Devilliers Rene Devilliers - Frank Devillionboriskey Loretta Devillire - Jeffrey Deviln John Deviln - Bennett Devin Benson Devin - Darlene Devin Darren Devin - Graham Devin Grant Devin - Kailin Devin Kaitlin Devin - Melanie Devin Melba Devin - Ron Devin Ronald Devin - Vincent Devin Virginia Devin - Coro Devinay Irene Devinay - Cathy Devincent Cecelia Devincent - Judith Devincent Judy Devincent - Tina Devincent Tom Devincent - Caroline Devincentis Cassidy Devincentis - Judith Devincentis Judy Devincentis - Ron Devincentis Ronald Devincentis - Patricia Devincenz Richard Devincenz - Justin Devincenzi Karen Devincenzi - Ann Devincenziblack Wesley Devincenzie - Janis Devincenzo Jason Devincenzo - Ronald Devincenzo Rose Devincenzo - Tim Devincke Timothy Devincke - Alexandr Devine Alexandra Devine - Arthur Devine Artie Devine - Boone Devine Booze Devine - Carlynne Devine Carmel Devine - Christpher Devine Christphr Devine - Daivd Devine Dajhia Devine - Delacruz Devine Delane Devine - Dorthory Devine Dorthy Devine - Eric Devine Erica Devine - Gaynell Devine Gee Devine - Harper Devine