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Our Divorce Record Info

Every state has unique policies for making marriage and divorce records available to the public. The PeopleFinders database includes divorce info for the following state and year ranges:

Colorado (1975 - 2000)
Florida (1970 - 1999)
Minnesota (1970-2003)
Nevada (1968-2000)
Texas (1968-1998)

our divorce records database

Trying to find public divorce records for one of the states in the above list? PeopleFinders makes it simple! Search for data on your family, friends, or even your spouse. Look into the pasts of your neighbors, coworkers, and others. See if an online dating site match or date has more to their past than they're letting on. Even look into your own records just to find out what info is available to the public. It couldn't be simpler to use.
Start a divorce records lookup with PeopleFinders today for a fast, easy, and private search experience. All you have to do is enter a person's name, city, and state in the search form at the top of the page and click "search". It's free to get started with your divorce records search today. With data on more than 700 million U.S. adults, we're your key resource for all types of info on divorces.

Why PeopleFinders for Divorce Record Searches?

There are dozens of sites on the web that offer access to public info, such as divorce records. But, none of them can match PeopleFinders's blend of features and benefits. We have one of the most complete databases available to the public. We also have decades of experience in our industry. Plus, we offer the most ease-of-use in online people searches. Divorce record searches on our site will give you the following data:

Current Status

Single, married, or divorced?
see what a person's status is right now.

Get instant access to detailed records on more than 700 million adults in the U.S. Learn if someone is single, married, or divorced right now. Find info on a person's current and past marriages, spouses, and much more. Dive deeper with a full background check today.

Past Divorces

Get the full picture
find out more about current partners, dates, and matches.

Do you ever wonder if a date, partner, friend, or neighbor has more to their past? With PeopleFinders, you can find out! Our data includes millions of divorce records. We bring you the whole picture of someone's pasts with marriages, divorces, and so much more.

Spouse Data

Dig deeper into the data
see detailed info on all current and past spouses.

The PeopleFinders database is filled with detailed info about nearly every U.S. adult. It's also cross-linked to show you people's families and spouses, current and past. That means you can find tons of public records data on almost anyone's present and former spouses.

Historical Info

Go back decades and beyond
get records going back as far as the 1700s.

Between our marriage records and our divorce data, we have info going back decades and even centuries. With us, you can access records from as early as the 1700s. This means you can use our site to help with ancestry research and learn more about all your family members.