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Find public divorce records for nearly the entire U.S. population!

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700 million records

Complete divorce documentation: our records are updated continually based on public record availability.

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Lightning Fast

Detailed divorce info across the U.S.: Full divorce records available per each state's policy.

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Divorce records coverage includes public data from local, state, and national sources.

Historical info dating as far back as the 1700s give you the wealth of data you need for family tree and genealogy research.

Our Divorce Records Data

Every state has unique policies for making marriage and divorce records available to the public. The PeopleFinders database includes divorce info for the following state and year ranges:

  • Colorado (1975 - 2000)
  • Florida (1970 - 1999)
  • Minnesota (1970 - 2003)
  • Nevada (1968 - 2000)
  • Texas (1968 - 1998)

Our Public Records Database

120 billion records with more than 1.5 petabytes of data from thousands of different sources.

If you're looking for public divorce data from one of the states listed above, we make it easy to find! Look for info about friends and family—even your own partner. Check out coworkers, neighbors, or other people of interest. Learn more about a date or a match from an online dating service. You can even search for your own public divorce records to see what others could find about your past. We made it easy!

With us, you get a quick, private, and simple way to find someone's public divorce records. You only need to type their name, city, and state into the search box near the top of this page. Getting started is free and very easy—anyone can do it! PeopleFinders gives you access to more than 700 million people's records, right at your fingertips.

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See How We Keep Millions of People Safe

Learn more information about how reverse address lookup can help keep you, your family and your friends safe. There are so many ways to use PeopleFinders services to find valuable information. Whether it is for an online meetup, or learning about a neighborhood.

Search People by Name

Search people by just a name. If you don't have any other information this is the best way to search to learn more information about someone. You can also narrow down the person with any other information you have with the easy to use interface.

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Reverse Phone Number Search

If you received a call from an unknown number or have a person's phone number, you can use reverse phone lookup to learn information about the number and person. You can learn information like name, address public and criminal records.

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Use address lookup to learn more about a house, who has lived in the house and neighborhoods. This is useful if you are going to be moving to a location, traveling or having a meetup.

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Here's Why Users Trust PeopleFinders

We know we're not the only site online that gives you access to public records. That's why we work to set ourselves apart by bringing you the best of everything. It starts with one of the most complete database in the industry. You'll also benefit from our decades of industry experience, which the other guys just can't match. Finally, it's all wrapped up in the simplest system on the web. Get all the details about someone's past marriages here, including all this info:

Marital Status

Are they married now? – find out if someone is legally wedded at this time.

The PeopleFinders database has details about current marriages for millions of people in the U.S. Find out if someone is currently married. Learn where and when they tied the knot. Find their marriage license or filing numbers. See the whole picture with our complete info.

Past Marriages

Dive deeper into the past – learn if people have pasts they aren't talking about.

Our marriage info also includes past data for millions of marriages and divorces dating back decades. If you want to learn more about someone's past or suspect a past marriage, you're in the right place. Just search a person by name, city, and state, and see if there's more to their past.

Spouse Info

See info about their partners – use our search info to learn more about spouses.

PeopleFinders gives you detailed data about almost any adult in the U.S. We also connect people with their families and spouses. So, if you'd like more info on someone's spouse, past or current, you'll find it in our report. All you have to do is start your people search today.

Historical Data

Build your family tree – find marriage records dating back hundreds of years.

The PeopleFinders database includes marriage records going back hundreds of years. We have info about marriages as early as the 1700s! That means we can offer key data about your genealogy and family tree. We're here to be a key part of your ancestry research!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I do a divorce records search on
The easiest way to look for divorce records at PeopleFinders is to enter the name of one of the involved parties in the search fields above.
Can I find divorce records for free on
While you can start your search for free, we do need to charge for access to the actual divorce records data.
Are divorce records public?
Yes. However, their online availability is limited to a handful of states, and for limited time ranges. Be sure to check the availability above.
How do I find divorce records?
You can look for divorce records here. Or you can contact the county recorder's office where the divorce occurred.
Where are divorces recorded?
Divorces are recorded in the county where the divorce was finalized.
Where can I get a copy of my divorce records?
If not available online, you can get a copy of your divorce records at the county recorder's office or vital records office.
How do I obtain divorce records?
You will likely need to go in person to one of the aforementioned county records offices to obtain hard copies of divorce records.