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Sacramento Demographics

The population of Sacramento is estimated at 463,794
There are 173,134 households within the city limits
The average income per household is $49,849
People who live in Sacramento use the area code 916 (Find any phone number in Sacramento here)

Famous People Who Have Lived in Sacramento

LeVar Burton, Timothy Busfield, Morton Downey Jr., Sam Elliot, Tom Hanks, Don Imus, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Morita, Molly Ringwald, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bob Wilkins, Dusty Baker, Dion James, Greg Vaughn, Bill Cartwright, Mark Spitz, Theodore Kaczynski, and Rodney King

Sacramento History - Important Notes

Sacramento is also known as Tree City USA because it has more trees per acre than any other metropolitan city.

The Governor's Mansion was bombed in 1917, but no criminal convictions were ever made.

Sacramento is the home of

Did You Know? - The city boasts the largest almond producing plant in the world.

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Things to do in Sacramento

See a local sports team, like the Sacramento Kings (Basketball), and River Cats (Minor League Baseball) Sacramento 76ers (Basketball), Sacramento Eagles (Football), Sacramento Flyers (Hockey), or the Sacramento Phillies (Baseball) .
Take in some history at Old Sacramento
Bring the entire family to Fairytale Town
Enjoy a tour of the Governor's Mansion
Relive the early days of Sacramento at Sutter's Fort
Spend some time at the Sacramento Zoo

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Sacramento International Airport
California State University
Sacramento Kings
Sacramento River Cats
California State Capitol
Old Sacramento
Governor's Mansion
Cal Expo
Arden Fair Mall
Power Balance Pavilion


6900 Airport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95837
6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819
1 Sports Pky, Sacramento, CA 95834
400 Ball Park Dr, West Sacramento, CA 95691
704 O St, Sacramento, CA 95814
125 I St, Sacramento, CA 95814
1526 H St, Sacramento, CA 95814
1600 Exposition Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815
1689 Arden Way, #1088, Sacramento, CA 95815
1 Sports Parkway, Sacramento, CA 95834

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About Sacramento

The history of Sacramento dates back to 1808 when European explorers crossing what would later become northern California discovered 2 magnificent rivers and named them the "Sacramento" and the "Jesus Maria". Eventually the latter name was changed to the "American", but Sacramento stuck for both the river and the city.

In the mid 1800's a man from the San Francisco area named John Sutter sent workers to open a Sawmill near Sacramento. It wasn't long before he heard of an unexpected discovery: gold. People all over California flocked to the region hoping to strike it rich as word about the precious metal spread like wildfire. The area around the rivers grew quickly, and Sacramento became an important and central location for California. In 1854 the city was chosen as the official state capital.

Today Sacramento continues to be the center of politics in California, and an ever-developing city. It is a popular destination for both new residents and tourists who come to experience the city that boasts a great location, ideal weather and a top quality of life.