The Difference Between A People Search, Background Check, And Public Records Report

PeopleFinders offers a variety of useful reports. They all contain data that is pulled from public records. If you’re looking for information, but haven’t ordered a report before, you may not be sure which one is right for you.

To help, here’s a guide that explains the difference between a people search, public records report and a background check.

People Search Report

A people search report helps you find people. You may want to locate and reconnect with an old friend, long-lost relative, classmate or former colleague. Or you may have met someone recently, but lost their phone number.

Regardless of why, you can rely on a people search to find someone today. You can search for people using their full name, nickname and alias, or with an old phone number, address or email. A people search report provides anyone’s most recent contact information. It’s the fastest way to find anyone, anywhere.

Public Records Report

A public records report can help you find someone and learn a little more about them. They provide all the same information as a people search, but they also include birth & death records, marriage & divorce records, property records and other useful details. These reports give you a fast and affordable way to obtain a relevant collection of data about anyone’s past.

To get a public records report, simply run a search using the person’s full name and a state where they lived. It doesn’t have to be their most recent state of residence. PeopleFinders owns more than 4 decades of public records data, so you can search using any state the person once called home.

Background Check Report
When you need to know more about someone’s past, a background check is the way to go. Background checks provide everything you get from a public records report, plus other helpful information.

You can use a background check to see if someone has a criminal record, find out if they’ve ever gone through bankruptcy and much more. They are commonly used by people who want to learn about someone that may spend time around them or their loved ones. Background reports are powerful tools that give you the facts on anyone’s past so you can make educated decisions about the people in your life.

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