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Where do you get your information from?

Public records are collected from thousands of sources. Here are a few examples:

  • Supermarket Rewards Cards:
    Every time anyone makes a purchase from a grocery store or drugstore with a loyalty or "rewards" card, that information is used to build a very personal profile of your shopping habits.
  • Product Warranty and Registration Cards:
    Do you fill out the warranty and product registration cards for every new product you purchase? If so, you probably assume this is standard procedure for making sure your warranty is valid. In fact, warranty and product registration cards do very little for the consumer. Moreover, all your personal information on warranty cards is collected and used for marketing purposes.
  • Raffles and Sweepstakes:
    Though raffles and sweepstakes offer a one-in-a-million chance of winning some type of luxury item, free gym memberships or dream vacations you should be aware how your contact information is used. Often, you are asked to provide Name, address and phone number as a means of contacting you in the event you should win. In reality, this information is used for direct marketing purposes.
You do not always have to enter a raffle or surf the Internet for someone to collect personal data about you. In fact, many of the activities and responsibilities you have as a member of society, property owner and licensed driver contribute to what is known as your "Public Profile." Other sources include voter registration, hunting and fishing licenses, magazine subscriptions and much more.