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Get accurate criminal record results from PeopleFinders, a proven industry leader since 1998.

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We give you easy access to our nationwide criminal records database anytime, from anywhere.

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Find up-to-date info and valuable facts about the criminal histories of people in your life.

Find anyone's criminal history today with our easy-to-use records search. All you have to do is enter a person's full name, city, and state, and you'll get detailed criminal records. Our database is one of the most detailed in the industry, and it's free to get started today. With PeopleFinders, it's never been easier to know who you can trust.

Our Criminal Records Database

Billions of records from thousands of different data sources result in our thorough and up-to-date criminal record results.

This day and age, you can’t be too safe. Use a PeopleFinders criminal records lookup to look into the possible criminal histories of people around you, such as online dates, friends, or neighbors. See if a Craigslist seller has a criminal past. Check yourself out to see what comes up. Even learn about your online dating matches and significant others!

With our web-based criminal records searches, you'll get instant access to almost any adult's criminal past. We have detailed data for over 250 million U.S. adults. Plus, we've made it easy to get started with your criminal records search. All you have to do is fill out the person’s name, city and state fields near the top of the page, and hit the "Search" button to begin your lookup. Easy as that.

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Why Use PeopleFinders for a Criminal Records Search?

At PeopleFinders, we may not be the only website that provides criminal records lookups. But we bring you an unmatched blend of experience, record completeness, and ease-of-use. With our three decades in the industry, we're your go-to personal data pros. We know how to give you the detailed criminal records you need privately, easily, and securely. Read below for more about the information you can expect from our criminal records searches:

Arrest Records

Learn legal outcomes – discover if someone you trust has been in the system.

Whether or not they actually faced charges—or perhaps had those charges dropped at some point—you can still find out if someone was ever placed under arrest. We have access to the arrest records for most adults in the U.S., so you can get a clear and quick verdict on a person’s criminal history.


Get the full story – find out if someone you know has a history with the law.

Even smaller crimes like petty theft, vandalism, or drug possession can be major red flags. The PeopleFinders database gives you detailed info about anyone's trouble with the law, no matter how minor. A little extra knowledge now could save you big-time headaches in the future.


Find the details – see if a person has a background they didn't tell you about.

Felonies are our most serious crimes, and often felons are not honest about their pasts. With PeopleFinders, you can find felony records for any adult in the U.S. With our detailed criminal history records, you'll know for sure who's in your life and who you can really trust.

Sex Offenders

Know who's out there – look up the people around you for your family's safety.

Sex offenders must register with various national and state registries. But it's not always clear when you or a loved one come into contact with an offender. With our sex offender database, you can make sure you, your family, and your friends are safe no matter where you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I look for criminal records on
Start your criminal records search at PeopleFinders by entering a person's name into the search fields above. When you're sure you've found the correct subject, you will have the option to access their available criminal records information.
Can I find criminal records for free on
You can start your search for free. But you will have to pay in order to access and view our in-depth criminal records data.
How do I check my criminal record?
To find your criminal records, simply enter your own name into the search fields above. Then, you have the option of accessing your public records and other public information, including any available criminal records.
How do I look up someone's criminal record?
Enter the name of the person whose criminal records you want to see. Once you've found the right person, you can choose to access their criminal records information.
What is a criminal record?
A criminal record is an umbrella term for any public record obtained in the U.S. criminal justice system. It can include arrest records, court records, jail records, sex offender status, and more.
Does your criminal record clear after 7 years?
No, it does not automatically clear. However, depending on the nature of your crimes and/or convictions, you may be able to petition the court to get your records expunged.
How do I obtain criminal records?
You can obtain a person's criminal records with an online search. Or you can go directly to the county courthouse or county recorder's office to request access in-person.

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Whether you have new neighbors or are planning an online marketplace meetup, PeopleFinders can help keep you and your family safe. With billions of records and easy-to-use search functionality, we have the information you need to find out about anyone new in your life.

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If you have the person's name and not much else to go on, the name lookup is the first place to start. Be sure to include any additional information you have, such as their location and age range to help narrow down the search results.

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If you have the person's phone number, you can use the reverse phone lookup feature to find details about the number’s owner, such as their name, address, public and criminal records.

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An address lookup can be helpful if you do happen to have the location. You can find the current and past homeowner of the address, along with property information, neighborhood details and more.

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