World Gratitude Day – What Are You Grateful For?

Author: PeopleFinders on October 10th, 2018
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We all have so many things that we should be grateful for every day. Unfortunately, our schedules can get so hectic that most of us don’t have time to stop and think about the moments that make us smile. That’s why we’re grateful for World Gratitude Day.

In 1965, a group of dignitaries from several nations enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner together in Hawaii. They discussed the concept of setting aside one day each year for people to focus on things that they are grateful for. Every attendee agreed to take this idea back to their home country. From that moment on, September 21 would become an internationally celebrated event.

The founders of World Gratitude Day suggest spending time with family and friends, and meditating on the things that make you happy. Whether these thoughts are shared or kept private doesn’t matter; the point is to focus on the positive side of life and express your gratitude. Are you grateful for the people who share your world? Tell them.

Our Thoughts
At we are grateful for family, friends and all the people who enhance our lives. We strongly believe in the power of old fashioned values like loyalty, compassion and community. We are optimists who are grateful to have an opportunity to help people find and reconnect with loved ones that they haven’t seen in years.

We appreciate World Gratitude Day as a time to recognize the things in life that bring us joy. September 21 is also known as an International Day of Peace, which is something else we can be grateful for. Life can be difficult. We all endure trials and tribulations. Most of the time, the best aspect of our lives is the people who care about us. The people we love. They make all the difference.

So what are you grateful for on this World Gratitude Day? Whatever it is, take a moment to share it with the people who are close to your heart. Leave us a comment to tell us your thoughts on this special day, and thank you for reading the People Search blog.

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