Why You Should Start Holiday Shopping Now

Author: PeopleFinders on May 19th, 2020
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Winter is certainly the biggest gift-giving time of the year. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or another winter holiday, you’re probably going to give your loved ones some presents.

Many people don’t start Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving or when December comes around. But in reality, you can get better prices–and a better gift–if you start shopping much earlier.

The most important reasons why you should start your holiday shopping much sooner:

You give yourself the gift of time

You can take advantage of sales related to other holidays

You can make the best use of peer-to-peer websites


You Have Time to Buy the Perfect Thing

When you’re pressured to find the right present, with a deadline looming in the near future, it’s likely that you’re going to feel stressed and hurried. That’s not what you should feel when you’re getting ready for a fun, carefree holiday. You want to get something that’s perfect, but you also want to get it on your own time.

With months ahead of you until Christmas, you don’t have to resign yourself to that pressure. Instead, by starting early, you have much more time to browse.

You’re more likely to find the right gifts for all your loved ones if you let them come to you naturally, rather than hurriedly scouring shelves to find them all in the span of a few weeks. If you see the perfect item for your brother in October, the right thing for your daughter in November, and the best gift for your mom in December, that’s just fine.

You Can Take Advantage of Other Holiday Sales

This might be one of the best reasons to space out your Christmas purchases. Different holidays suit themselves to sales on different products, which means you’re more likely to find the perfect gift at a more affordable price if you shop over a longer period.

Plus, these discounts tend to follow specific trends. That means if you know the trends, you’ll be able to identify when to buy different items. Just map out the general idea of what you want to get each person in your life, and then shop around during a related holiday.

Take September, for instance. You might not have known this, but September is actually a great month to buy appliances. They’re generally discounted in the lead-up to Labor Day, which is held on the first Monday in September. After that, there’s Columbus Day, Halloween, Veteran’s Day; all of these tend to have sale periods attached to them.

Most notably, November includes Black Friday–the day after Thanksgiving–which usually results in huge sales over that weekend. (Not to mention the more recent Cyber Monday, with extensive online sales the Monday after.) Even retailers that tend to avoid sales will typically give you a bit of a discount.

You Can Utilize Peer-to-Peer Sites to the Fullest

These sites can be an amazing way to get great deals and browse through a variety of products. But some people shy away from peer-to-peer sites such as eBay and Craigslist, because they’ve long been associated with unscrupulous sellers. Although there are definitely scammers and shady characters on these websites, some common sense and a little knowledge of frequent peer-to-peer scams may be able to help you avoid them. And when you want even more protection, you can try PeopleFinders.

A search on PeopleFinders can’t tell you if a seller or website is lying about a product you want to buy. But it may be able to tell you a little more about a seller’s background before you make a purchase.

When you perform a people search, you may be able to find public records information on the person in question; this might be able to help clue you in if someone’s using a fake name. Plus, with the criminal records search, you can attempt to see if that person’s ever previously been convicted of fraud.


When you keep your eyes open for potential holiday gifts for months rather than weeks, it makes it easier to find the right something for everyone. Just stash those gifts in the back of your closet until it’s time to wrap them.

Don’t be afraid to use peer-to-peer sites for your Christmas gifts, either. Use PeopleFinders to try and take the uncertainty out of your gift shopping.

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