Why You Might Want to Make Your Social Media Accounts Private

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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The world of social media is constantly growing; nowadays, there are more social media websites than ever, all competing for users’ attention. Facebook holds strong at over two billion users every month; Instagram recently hit one billion users per month; and even Twitter is climbing past 300 million users monthly. Putting your life on display in front of your friends, family, and anyone else who wants to see is definitely becoming the norm. However, you may be setting yourself up for failure by giving up so much of your privacy. Instead of letting the world see every aspect of life, here are some reasons why you should consider putting your accounts on private.

It Gives You Control Over Who Sees What

You can’t control who sees the things you post online. When you send a tweet or post a picture, everyone who comes across it, whether friends, friends of a friend, complete strangers, or those looking to do you harm, can do what they want with it. Businesses and social media influencers use this to their advantage, pulling in more viewers and followers. However, when you’re just trying to connect with a handful of friends, that extreme visibility is more likely to harm than help.

Social media sites that allow you to create a private user account let you decide exactly who can see what you post. When someone requests to follow, you have the opportunity to make sure he or she is the kind of person you actually want interacting with you. Even better, you can also block that person from seeing any more of your content in the future. In the modern era, where privacy is often something that’s very difficult to find, you should be taking advantage of that feature.

It Keeps Spam and Bots Away

Some social media sites have more issues with spam than others do, but every major site has it to some extent. When there are millions or even billions of users on a site, the company can’t be expected to perfectly identify bot accounts, and many people get friend requests or follows from bot accounts on a daily basis. In fact, on Twitter, up to 15% of sitewide accounts may be bots!

Although spam and bot accounts can be annoying, that’s not the only reason to keep them away. To spread viruses, scams, and other moneymaking schemes, these bots are set up to interact with other internet users, and they may decide to do that on your posts. By making your account private, you’re making sure that these annoying accounts don’t get a chance to post on your profile. In fact, by staying private, you’re making sure that your account is safer for yourself and the people that follow you.

It Makes It Harder for People to Track You

When people know even a few details about your life, it’s easy for them to turn that into an entire profile on your life. When you have a social media account where you’re constantly posting details about your life, even if you don’t think they’re very intimate details, connecting those dots becomes extremely easy. By making your account private, you’re making sure it’s as difficult as possible for anyone to approach you in person with ill intentions.

To see just how easy it is for literally anyone to track you with your social media information, look to PeopleFinders. Go through your social media profile and see if you’ve ever mentioned your first name, last name, city, and state. In reality, that’s enough to do a background check and find all sorts of information about you. If you have your phone number listed anywhere on your profile, someone can do a reverse phone lookup to get your full name and location. By restricting all that information only to people whom you approve, you’re making your social media experience safer.


It can be tempting to accumulate as many followers or friends as possible, but for people who share important details of their life on social media, it’s probably not a very smart move. When you realize how easy it is to find information using PeopleFinders, you may want to make all your social media accounts private, and use the PeopleFinders blog to keep yourself safe elsewhere on the internet.

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