Who Was Calling Your Partner? Before Looking Up That Unknown Caller, Read This

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How Many People Check Their Partner’s Phone?

These days, it’s relatively easy to obtain information from your partner’s phone. Checking your significant other’s text messages and emails can feel unethical. It’s a line that, once begrudgingly crossed, might make most people wince at the thought of their crime. 

According to a survey, only 36 percent of people admit to secretly checking their partner’s phone. And three percent of people actually find evidence of their partner being unfaithful.

who is calling your partner and should you check

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Reasons People Check Their Partner’s Phone: 

There is a variety of reasons that bring people to want to investigate. To elaborate, someone who disappears to answer unknown calls often can drive their partner to pry.  

How Much Do We Rely on Our Smartphones?

The irony of always wanting to stay connected online leads to missing out on a real human connection with the person we’re in a relationship with. When your partner is incessantly checking their messages and notifications, it can diminish the quality of the time you spend with your companion. 

How Much Time Do We Spend on Our Phones: 

  • Kids ages 8-18 spend an average of 7.5 hours in front of a screen for entertainment each day.
  • Being confined to our homes during COVID led to spikes in screen time.
  • The screen time average per adult 18+ was 13:28 per day in 2020.

According to a Pew research study, 51 percent of people in relationships say their partners are distracted by their phones. Before the advent of the iPhone and social media, people could remain as mysterious as they wanted. They were also less likely to lose themselves in a digital device. 

Setting healthy boundaries with our phones isn’t always possible due to working remotely, connecting with family living in different parts of the world or just the sheer convenience that our smartphones provide. While practicing phone etiquette might not always be an option, it can certainly be a conscious effort when we’re in the company of people—especially our partners.

Online Cheating

More men have affairs that start on dating websites than women, while women tend to favor meeting men on social media. Proximity is less of a factor online. 

Where do people meet the person they have affairs with online?

Dating websites

  • Men: 14.9% 
  • Women: 4.7%

Social media

  • Men: 7.3%
  • Women: 7.1%

Developing emotional intimacy online can be just as profound if not equally hurtful as just the physical act. Cheating can be defined differently for different people. In the United States, 70.8% of women believe that getting emotionally close with someone can be a form of cheating, while 52.9 % of men consider emotional intimacy a form of cheating. In Europe, the percentages are lower.

Why Is It Easier To Investigate Than To Openly Communicate?

Combing the depths of the internet to find answers can feel like work, but if the person doing the investigating has reason to believe their partner is sliding into someone else’s DMs, investigating can feel validating. 

How To Confront Your Partner

It’s important to note that open communication is always the best solution. The partner of your dreams will assure you that there’s no funny business or other romantic interests beyond you. If you’re seeing a line of red flags and your instincts are telling you that you’re not dealing with the person you thought you knew, listen to your gut and confide in a support system for help.  

How Identity Watch and Public Records Can Help Take Out the Guesswork

The best solution to learning who the unknown caller is can be done through reverse phone lookup or email lookup. These features will give you the information you need in a flash.  

A reliable and intuitive public record company database can help remove the guesswork and save you time. Find out who mysterious callers are and learn how to protect your own personal information as well. You will have access to the unknown caller’s identity, including gender, age and much more. 

With Peoplefinders.com, you’ll have quick access to all the information you are in search of, including comprehensive reports and how to stop scammers.

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