What You Can Learn From a Background Check

Author: PeopleFinders on May 1st, 2020
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A background check can be a great way to learn a lot of information about someone. However, you might not fully understand what a background check entails. For some people, the term “background check” is the same as the term “criminal records check,” but these can actually be two different things.

If you perform a background check that pulls information from all of someone’s available public records, you can potentially learn a whole lot more than just someone’s criminal status. Here are just a few of the many things you might be able to learn from a background check:

-Names and aliases

-Known relatives and associates

-Current and historical addresses

-Property records

-Contact information

-Criminal records

-Liens, bankruptcies and foreclosures

Names and Aliases

This doesn’t just include someone’s current name, but also their previous names. If you’re using someone’s name to look up information, that also means you should be able to use any names you know, even if that person has changed names since you were friends. Birth names, maiden names, and even nicknames may show up on this list.

Relatives and Associates

How do you find out more about a person? Learning more about that person’s relatives and close friends can be a good first step. It can also provide a good stepping stone if you’re looking for an individual, but you only know someone connected to that individual.

Are you looking for information about a close friend’s sister? Look up your friend, and then see whether the sister is listed among the relatives.

Current and Past Home Addresses

Knowing someone’s physical address can be an important part of getting in touch with that person. For example, if you’re looking to get back in contact with an estranged relative, it may be easier to send that person a physical letter through the mail than to call the person up out of the blue. A background check can help you find where that person lives so you can get back in contact.

Property Records

What about if you want to know who owns a property, or you only know someone’s address? You can do it the other way with property records. When you get a background report on someone, you may see whether that person owns property, and if so, what properties the person owns.

Does the person have a mortgage? What about additional rental properties? If so, the background report may be able to let you know.

Contact Information

This is one of the most important things you might have questions about regarding someone. How can you get in contact with that person?

When you perform a background check, you might be able to learn more regarding someone’s contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers. Plus, that may include previous phone numbers no longer in use, which means you might be able to look someone up based on a phone number you have from a long time ago.

Criminal Records

It’s important to know if someone is safe to be around. One of the things you can use to try and find out for sure is a background check. Background checks can turn up a variety of criminal records, including everything from sex offense reports to minor driving offenses.

These are all important to learn about because they offer you a bit of insight into the character of an individual. Even the most minor-seeming criminal activity can be important, and may help you get a fuller picture of an individual.

Liens, Bankruptcies and Foreclosures

Do you know whether someone has had financial problems in the past? Liens, bankruptcies and foreclosures are a good way to understand someone’s financial situation. Of course, these can arise for a number of reasons. (A medical bankruptcy, for example, may showcase extremely costly medical expenses, rather than a simple lack of financial astuteness.) However, knowing about these components of someone’s past may be an important part of maintaining that relationship.

Getting Your Information in the Easiest Way Possible

If you want to get all of this information, your best option is to use PeopleFinders. When you perform a background check with PeopleFinders, you may be able to find everything you need to know about an individual, pulled from one of the largest records repository available online, all of it organized and ready for you in one place.


It’s important to make sure you get accurate and truthful information about someone when you start to get to know them. PeopleFinders may help by giving you a simple and understandable route to getting that information.

As an individual, you deserve to be able to find out more about your neighbors, get in touch with old friends, and check out dates. A public records background check may help you to do just that.

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