What Does The Web Say About You?

Author: PeopleFinders on October 9th, 2018
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Ever wonder what information is available about you online? Have you tried to find out?

People do it all the time. We enter our names into Google or another search engine just to see what comes up. Sometimes we find ourselves, and sometimes we get hundreds of links that have nothing to do with us. A Florida college student recently decided to Google himself. What he found was deeply disturbing.

Wanted For Murder
Zachary Garcia was curious. He visited Google.com and typed his full name. In just a moment he was looking at a picture of himself on a local website. The law enforcement-based site said Garcia had been charged as an accomplice to murder.

Garcia was shocked. He had no connection to this crime. But there was his picture and a bold headline for anyone to see. Luckily, Garcia managed to straighten this out quickly. The Polk County Sheriff’s Department made a mistake. The man accused of this crime was Zachery Garcia. That one letter could have made a huge difference in Zachary Garcia’s life.

Google Yourself
Have you ever Googled your name? What did you find? You may have seen information about your life that you never knew was online. Or you may have found stories about people who share your first and last name.

It’s doubtful a Google search will alert you that you’ve been accused of a crime. At least not one you didn’t commit. But you never know. Zachary Garcia is certainly glad he took a moment to search for himself. Try searching with your own moniker. You may be surprised by what you discover.

Run A Background Check
Even if you don’t find yourself on Google, there is probably a wealth of information about you. How can you find out? With a Comprehensive Background Check.

Order a Background Report to see what others will learn if they look you up. These reports include details like address histories, aliases, bankruptcies, criminal records and other facts from the past. Try it if you want to know exactly what information is available about you.

Find People Who Share Your Name
When Zachary Garcia Googled himself, he found crime records that were meant for someone else. Someone with an almost identical name. Most of us share our names with others. Ever wonder about those people? You can find out. Use a people search to lookup everyone who has your first and last name, or a similar variation.

Have you discovered anything unexpected during a Google search for your name? If so, leave a comment to share your story, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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