What Does Automation Mean for Our Society’s Future?

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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Automation is already very commonplace in our everyday lives. Rather than having to write letters by hand, we have computers to type them and printers to print them off. Search engines are constantly indexing web pages, credit cards are used instead of cash, and people can call taxis straight from their phone. As technology evolves and becomes more accessible, as well as more affordable, it’s likely that companies will start moving more toward full automation. McDonald’s is already adding self-order kiosks in many areas, making it easy to order without ever having to talk to a cashier. However, what could moving toward complete automation mean for the world at large? Here are some things that might happen as businesses become completely automated.

Less People Will Have to Work in Dangerous Situations

Right now, there are plenty of people working in very dangerous situations to support different businesses. The most dangerous job in America is logging, with a fatality rate that’s over twice as high as the second-most dangerous job, commercial fishing. As the technology for automated logging becomes more accessible, the job of working around huge trees, dealing with heavy machinery, and being around extremely sharp blades at all times could fall to automated processes.

Of course, some situations need human reasoning and skill; almost all automated processes are still overseen by a human, just in case. However, having only a few people near a lumberjacking site, rather than dozens, could lead to lowering the fatality rate being substantially lower. Automation in dangerous situations is something that’s not fully incorporated yet, but it could be hugely helpful.

Humanity’s Impact on the World Can Be Lessened Automatically

Especially when it comes to ecologically important jobs, automation could pave the way for making a smaller impact on the earth. A logging system that’s created to cut down trees and then automatically plant new ones is much more efficient than the current system, which has a very serious impact on the earth. With many companies looking to find accessible, environmentally friendly options, automation could be an attractive option once the technology reaches such levels.

In fact, in many cases, automated systems are already helping make the world greener! Automatic kiosks give the customer the option to print a receipt, and self-checkout lines make it easy not to use a grocery bag if it’s unnecessary. Extending the idea of a green world could be a great way to use machinery for the good of humanity, rather than using it for a negative impact.

Contacting Friends and Family Will Be Easier

A few decades ago, finding another person in your city was accomplished with the help of a phonebook. With thousands of pages and hundreds of thousands of numbers, it was printed to make it easy to find people you wanted to contact. Nowadays, it’s mostly just a huge brick of paper that ends up in a landfill, and many locations are phasing them out altogether. Instead of using a phonebook, make things easier by using a people search site like PeopleFinders.

PeopleFinders makes it easy to find people’s contact information in the same way a phonebook did, but even more accurately! If you have someone’s phone number, you can run a reverse phone search to find that person’s full name and address, as well as a number of other public records information about the person. With just a first name, last name, city, and state, you can run a background check to see if there’s any criminal activity associated with someone. With all these automated options, you can get back in touch with the people with whom you’ve lost touch.


For many people, the idea of automation in day-to-day life is alarming, even frightening. Many sci-fi movies have to do with robots taking over, after all, and the concept of being “replaced” by a robot is startling. However, people have always maintained a prominent position in society, even as technology has evolved to do certain things for them. As technology advances, there are more and more ways for it to be beneficial for everyone.

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