Brothers And Sisters: Welcome To Sibling Day

Author: PeopleFinders on December 4th, 2017
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Our siblings. Most of us grew up with at least one brother or sister around.

We fought, played and laughed together. Then we fought some more. As we became adults, our relationships changed. Hopefully for the better. But no matter how we felt or feel about these people who share our parents, they are family.

Celebrating Siblings
What are you doing on April 10? One determined woman is hoping that part of your day will be dedicated to siblings.

Meet Claudia Evart. Claudia grew up with one brother and one sister. Tragically, both siblings are now gone. They died far-too-young in heartbreaking accidents, but will never be forgotten. Claudia celebrates their lives, and hopes to honor brothers and sisters everywhere with a national holiday.

In 1997 Claudia created the Siblings Day Foundation. Her goal is to have April 10 declared as National Sibling Day. She chose the date because it was the birthday of her sister, Lisette. The foundation has gained a lot ground over the years. As of 2011, her proposed holiday has been recognized by governors in 33 states. Claudia has also received encouraging letters from several well-known politicians, including former Presidents. But her quest will not be over until Sibling Day is an official holiday.

Claudia would like April 10 to be a day when brothers and sisters get together. Or a day when they call, email or spend time thinking about a sibling who passed on. Read more about her ideas at

Best Of Friends

Were you close to your siblings? Brothers and sisters often enjoy a unique bond. They grow up together, share many of life’s most important experiences and develop ties that last a lifetime.

A good older-sibling helps protect their younger brother or sister and guides them through the early pitfalls in life. Many siblings share an unbreakable connection, a family union and an unshakable friendship. But it doesn’t always turn out that way.

Sibling Rivalry
Sometimes brothers and sisters just don’t get along. Despite sharing a name and at least one parent, siblings may have nothing in common.

There are endless reasons why siblings might have strained relationships. Even when siblings have similar experiences growing up, they can turn out to be very different people. And they don’t always like the person a sibling has become.

But if you ask most siblings – even those who do nothing but argue and fight – one simple question, you’ll usually get the same answer. If your brother or sister were in trouble, what would you do? The question is answered without hesitation. They will stand up again and again to help, protect and defend their sibling.

In the end, regardless of our differences, it’s all about family. Brothers and sisters develop bonds. Whether they want to or not. What would you do if your sibling needed you?

Long Lost Siblings
Brothers and sisters don’t always maintain close relationships. They may not communicate for years at a time. Some might even have lost all contact.

Sibling Day doesn’t have national status yet, but it’s a great time to celebrate the people who grew up with you. The people who shared your life – for better or worse. If you’ve lost touch with a sibling, it’s not too late. A people search at helps you find anyone, anywhere. Reconnect on April 10, and rebuild your family ties.

Will you be celebrating Sibling Day? If so, leave a comment to tell us about it. Hold tight to those precious people you call your siblings, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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