Ways to Find People Before (and After) Graduation

Author: PeopleFinders on May 19th, 2020
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It’s that time of year: senior-itis has hit, caps and gowns are for sale in the bookstore, and you’re getting ready to say goodbye to a familiar place. Graduation is exciting, but it also means losing contact with people you see all the time. You’ve likely met a ton of people, but probably haven’t been able to connect with everyone you’d like to get to know better.

Whether it’s that cute guy in your bio class or the friendly girl you talk to in stats, you want to keep in touch with those you’ve met during some of the best years of your life. It’s difficult, though. According to a 2018 U.S. News annual survey, the average college graduating class in 2017 was around 6,300. The University of Central Florida has the biggest graduating class, topping out at 57,000 students in one year. That’s a lot of people to meet.

Make sure you don’t miss out on those great connections before you all part ways. Here are methods to ensure you can make better connections now, so you can continue them after graduation.

Do you keep forgetting to save your classmates’ numbers?

Did you work with someone really great on a project, but never managed to save his or her contact information? Look through your phone’s history and use PeopleFinders’ reverse phone lookup to try and figure out which number belongs to whom.

Can’t find your relatives’ addresses to send graduation announcements?

You’ve worked really hard, and want all your loved ones to help you celebrate that fact. But unless you’ve kept your address book perfectly up-to-date, you probably don’t have all the addresses you need to send out graduation announcements to relatives and friends far away. Fortunately, as long as you know their name, you can perform a people search to try and find their current address.

Did you forget somebody’s name?

Maybe you never knew it! In college, we often never learn our classmates’ last names. However, you may know a city or area in which he or she lives, and that can be enough. Use a people search to enter the information you know, and find your classmate without even knowing a full name.

You can use the same tool if you only know a last name. (College is like that.) And if you only remember an address from that one time you went to study group at his or her house, you can do an address lookup and find the names of people who lived there.

Are you worried about someone who’s trying too hard to stay in touch with you?

Unfortunately, there’s a darker side to all this. Is there someone who won’t stop bugging you about staying in touch, someone you just have a bad feeling about? Maybe he or she just makes you uneasy and you don’t know why. Use the background check or criminal records lookup feature to try and see if your feelings are founded.

Even if you don’t find anything unsavory in the person’s past, don’t feel pressured to stay in touch. If he or she continues to bother you, don’t feel bad about contacting a school official for help. Trust your gut.

Do you want to keep in touch for career opportunities?

If you’re a go-getter, maybe you want to see which of your new friends might be able to give you a leg up. Use people search again to find LinkedIn pages.

You also need to see who’s worthy of a recommendation from you. You could use the background check or criminal records search to maybe see if you should be comfortable or not providing that reference. After all, recommending someone with a record could reflect badly upon you.

Are you trying to stay in touch with a professor?

Professors can sometimes seem completely unreachable, despite their efforts to the contrary. You may be intimidated to ask in person whether you can stay in touch, or you may never get the chance to speak one on one. Luckily, professors are on PeopleFinders just like everyone else. Have a look at the usual people search to connect with these folks.

You really have no excuses. Keep in touch with pals and colleagues, or build up your courage and text your college crush. A study by Reuben J. Thomas on how people meet their closest friends concludes that most people in their 20s meet their closest friends through school.

Don’t miss your chance. You may be entering a whole new chapter of your life, but there’s no reason you can’t bring some old friends along with you.

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