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Author: PeopleFinders on May 19th, 2020
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Whether you’re moving to a new city, or you’re just trying to make your current life in a city safer, learning new and better ways to keep yourself and your family safe can be very important.

Staying safe in an urban environment can be a little different from staying safe in the suburbs or in a rural area. It’s important that you make sure you’re up-to-date on urban safety so you don’t expose yourself to undue risk.

Follow these 6 safety tips to stay safer in urban settings:

1. Get to know the area

2. Plan out travel routes ahead of time

3. Talk to your neighbors

4. Be impolite if you need to

5. Consider a security system

6. See if your neighborhood is safe


Learn About the Area

This is especially useful when you’re moving to a new area. But even long-time residents may not know much about their area outside their immediate neighborhood.

This is important in a safety context, so that you can locate the more dangerous areas of town. But it’s also helpful so that you can get around easier. Even if your city has a confusing layout, you’re less apt to get lost if you have a good understanding of where things are.

Create Travel Routes

When you’ve just moved to a new location, you should immediately map out travel routes that can get you to the places you’ll go the most. Where’s the closest grocery store? Where’s the closest shopping mall? How are you going to get to work or school?

If you take the same route every day, you’ll reduce your risk of getting lost. In addition, you’re much more likely to notice if something is out of place or potentially hazardous, which are both things you might not notice on an unfamiliar route.

Meet Your Neighbors

Neighbors are an important part of life, but not very many people know theirs too well. Around a third of Americans say they don’t know their neighbors at all, which some people speculate has led to a decrease in the general sense of community.

Whether you agree or not on the possible social repercussions, the simple fact is that it’s not that hard to meet your neighbors. It starts with a friendly “Hello!” when you see that your neighbor is getting the mail at the same time as you are. If that greeting turns into a friendship, great. If not, you’ve at least made a connection and have made yourself approachable.

Don’t Feel Obligated to Be Friendly

While getting to know your neighbors and building community is a good thing, that doesn’t mean you have to be friendly to everyone who crosses your path. If you’re used to a friendly, everybody-knows-your-name environment, you probably feel obligated to help people or talk to people who approach you.

However, if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, remember that you always have the right to ignore someone approaching you on the street, or pull out of a conversation immediately.

Invest in Security

Home and personal security run a wide gamut. You can find a full home security system that encompasses everything you could possibly want: alarm, security cameras, motion detector lights, and so on. Or you can just get a dog to alert you if someone walks too close to the door.

Most people try to find something in the middle, something that brings the comfort of safety without making a home feel like a prison on lockdown. Find something that makes you and your family feel safe, and you’ll be on your way to feeling secure in your new digs.

Make Sure Your Neighborhood Is Safe

Although personal and home security systems are important, another important thing to discover is the safety of your neighborhood as a whole. Are there criminals living in your neighborhood? Is your neighborhood known to be a quiet, safe place or a rowdy, dangerous one? To try and discover the answers to all these questions, use PeopleFinders.

All you need to do is perform an address lookup on your current address, and even possibly those of neighboring buildings. If available, you may see public property records on the addresses in question, as well as the names of the owners and/or occupants. Perform a criminal records search on the people around you to try and see if there are any violent individuals, sex offenders, or other criminals living in your area.


Even if you don’t feel all that street smart at the beginning, urban safety isn’t as difficult as it may seem. When you make just a few important changes in the way you approach your safety, you’ll find that you’re able to protect yourself and your loved ones very easily. When you make using PeopleFinders part of the process, the task of being safer becomes even easier.

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