Unique Ways to Contact Biological Family Members

Author: PeopleFinders on May 19th, 2020
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If you were adopted as a child, and especially if you were very young, you probably don’t know much about your biological family members. However, as you get older, you might want to learn more.

The thing is, if you don’t have a lot of experience searching for people, it can be very difficult to find out exactly how to do it. Here a few of the more out-of-the-box ways to go about it:

-Do a DNA test

-Use an intermediary

-Hire a professional searcher

-Perform an online people search


DNA Testing

DNA testing can help you connect with your biological family members by finding individuals with very similar DNA to your own. Although DNA records aren’t publicly available, there are a number of online databases that allow you to upload your DNA results. Then you can match the results with other people who have also uploaded their results to the service.

This can be a very effective way to help you find biological family members. But it can also be somewhat time-consuming. You may have to upload your results to multiple databases in order to match with anyone. And because DNA sequencing is still developing, those matches may not actually pan out. Still, it can be a good first step.


In some states, intermediaries are actually required in order to start a legal search for your biological family. The state may appoint an intermediary to your case directly, or you might decide to hire one on your own. Either way, this intermediary talks to you and to the biological family separately, compiling information and delivering it to each party. The intermediary helps both parties get more information while also protecting your identities until you’re both ready to set up a reunion.

Depending on the state in which you and your biological family live, this might be a required step in order to set up a reunion through the legal system. It can be useful if you’re able to go through the legal system. But it can be hard to do if there isn’t a lot of information available to go on. Some states also don’t provide intermediaries, so you might not be able to use one in your particular case.

Professional Searchers

You can hire a professional searcher for a variety of reasons, and finding biological family members is just one of them. Some professional searchers may also be private investigators, although others have different credentials. If the searcher you find is well-versed in adoption cases, that gives you an even better chance of finding your biological family members.

The biggest drawback of professional searchers is that they’re often extremely expensive. It can easily cost you thousands of dollars, especially because many searchers make extensive use of court public records and personally request court files that may be expensive to retrieve. Although it’s potentially the most thorough method, it’s definitely the most expensive, and that’s not for everyone.

People Search Engine

This option very easily straddles the line between affordability and effectiveness. A people search engine draws on a variety of court records and other public information, which means it’s usually easy to find adults across the United States. But because you’re the one doing the research, it’s not nearly as expensive as hiring a professional searcher or private investigator. To be as effective as possible, you need a people search engine with a large database

PeopleFinders offers one of the biggest databases of any online people search engine. You can find billions of records for millions of American adults, so you have a good chance of finding the people you’re looking for. The people search option allows you to search for yourself. Then, use the relatives function to see if you can start unraveling the story behind your adoption. It’s an incredibly effective way to start without a long legal procedure or a large sum of money.


Sure, you could go the standard route and try to locate your birth parents through the courts. But there are plenty of other ways to start your search for your biological family, as well.

Just one could turn out to be the most effective. Or you could use a mix of approaches to try and find someone through the courts as well as on your own. Sometimes you have to try a variety of things to get to the truth of where you came from.

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