Top Signs It’s Time to End Your Relationship

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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A relationship falling apart is one of the hardest things to endure. Breakups are hard, and they can get exponentially harder if you’re the one who has to break the news that you no longer think your relationship is working. However, forcing yourself to stay in a relationship that’s unhealthy, or even just a little broken, can be devastating for both people. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to determining if you need to end a relationship, but there are definitely some general guidelines. If you realize that you’re seeing one or more of these signs, you need to put some serious thought into whether the relationship is good for you anymore.

You’re not talking to each other anymore.

Obviously, you don’t have to be having conversations every time you’re around each other. In fact, it’s a great sign if you’re able to just be around each other and be quiet sometimes. Just appreciating each other’s company silently can be great for many couples. However, if you don’t enjoy having conversations with your significant other, you’re constantly trying to come up with new topics to spur conversation, or you’re just not interested in talking to them, you need to seriously reevaluate why you’re still maintaining the relationship.

You’re hiding things or being secerative.

This is an incredibly important one; you shouldn’t feel like you have to hide things from your partner. Surprising someone with a birthday cake is great, but surprising your significant other with the fact that you have a second partner is not. Your actions shouldn’t need to be hidden, and your partner should be able to know about the things you’re doing with no worries.

You’re fairly sure your partner is sneaking around behind your back.

On the flip side, you shouldn’t be on your toes, constantly trying to make sure your partner isn’t cheating or doing other unsavory things. While public records searches like PeopleFinders can be a great resource, especially using with thorough background check function and the ability to reverse search phone numbers, it doesn’t bode well if you’re using it all the time. Using PeopleFinders to reassure yourself that they’re not cheating, and you’re just reading too far into things, isn’t a good thing if you have to do it frequently.

You’re uncomfortable when you have to spend time together.

Whether you’ve been invited over for a dinner date or you’re just spending a night in, having time together should be a fun and relaxing experience. You shouldn’t be dreading your next date, or having to paste on a smile when you’re seen with them in public. If you don’t enjoy being around your partner, there’s absolutely something wrong, and you need to think about why that is. It could be something that you can change, or it may be a sign that something is irrevocably wrong.

You find yourself consistently more comfortable talking to someone else than to your partner.

It’s totally normal and fine to have a best friend outside of your significant other. In fact, it’s a good thing! You should be able to share things with someone who can help you work through them and understand them, and sometimes other people will just be more suited to certain topics than your partner. However, if you’re always going to someone else instead of your partner, or you find yourself enjoying their overall presence more than your partner’s, there’s probably something wrong.

You walk on eggshells around your partner.

You shouldn’t feel the need to hide things from your partner. If you’re upset with something they’re doing, upset with a circumstance, even just upset for a small reason, you shouldn’t hide it for fear of upsetting your partner as well. It’s important to be open in a relationship, and that means all the bad things too. Obviously, you shouldn’t just be springing worries and issues you have on your partner, but if you never want to bring them up and you’re just miserable all the time because of it, you need to stop and consider the idea that it’s turned into an unhealthy relationship.


Ending a relationship is not fun. Breakups are hard, and they don’t get any easier just because you know it’s the best option for you. However, if your relationship has turned sour, and one or both of you don’t think it’s worth it to try and turn it around, you may just need to let it go. If you find yourself checking off one or more of the things listed here, it’s time for a major reality check. Are you really happy in your relationship, or are you just maintaining it because you don’t want to be single? You deserve to be treated respectfully and to be happy in your relationship. If your relationship is showing these signs, remember that a happy and fulfilling relationship is possible, but maybe not with this person.

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