Tips to Help You Catch Catfishers, Just Like the Stars of Catfish

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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Catfish has made a permanent mark on the world of online dating, introducing the term “catfishing” to the public and making some people wonder whether their online significant other is lying to them. In fact, much of the detective work the stars of Catfish use to uncover someone’s real identity is based on solutions that you can use yourself! Take advantage of these tips and tricks to check your online partner’s identity.

Be Wary If No Pictures Are Being Shared

The hope that you’ve found someone perfect for you, but the downside is that it can make you ignore the more logical parts of your brain. If your partner has a dating profile or Facebook account that’s completely devoid of any selfies or pictures taken by other people, it’s probably a good idea to be careful. Even if there are a few pictures, you might want to do a reverse image search to check if that same picture is being posted somewhere else on the internet. It’s actually common for catfishers to steal pictures of minor celebrities, little-known band members, and other internet users to pass them off as their own, and a reverse image search can often uncover those lies easily.

Not having many pictures doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is lying to you, however. Some people are extremely uncomfortable about the way they look; in fact, a large amount of catfishers don’t necessarily lie about anything except their appearance, and may just slightly modify their pictures because they’re uncomfortable with their weight. Still, it might be worth questioning.

Ask Lots of Questions

If the catfisher is completely lying to you about significant aspects of his or her identity, rather than just a couple of white lies here and there, it’ll be quite the story to keep track of. Whether it’s little offhand remarks about growing up in a certain city or a specific story about how he or she chose a college major, lots of information is shared between people who are growing close. Remember the things you hear and compare them to other information you’ve learned.

On the TV show Catfish, this is something the hosts use often to catch the catfishers in their lies. For example, in one of the episodes, a catfish told his partner that he was taking online correspondence courses to become an anesthesiologist, and used that hectic online schooling schedule to avoid talking over video or voice chat. However, if you do any sort of research, you’ll learn that, of course, becoming an anesthesiologist requires an extremely advanced medical degree that involves plenty of hands-on experience and presentations. It became clear at that point that the catfisher was lying; there was no way he was actually trying to become an anesthesiologist. By keeping track of that information, you can use those same tactics.

Use an Online People Search to Check Their Identity

It’s very common for people to use the identity of a real person when catfishing someone. It makes sense; if they’re using the identity of someone who actually exists, they’ll likely be able to find a large amount of pictures and use pieces of the person’s actual identity in order to keep their stories straight a bit better. However, using PeopleFinders can uncover many of these falsehoods.

If you’ve received a text or even a phone call from the person you’re worried about, you can use the PeopleFinders reverse phone search to make sure the phone number is registered to the same person you’re talking to. You can also do a public records search to make sure property records, marriage and divorce records, and census data all match up with what you’ve been told. If you want more ideas on approaching or searching for the person you think is catfishing you, you can also look at the PeopleFinders blog.


Getting catfished is never something that you want to go through, but it’s always a possibility when you’re striking up an internet relationship. It’s also much worse if the catfishing continues for a long time; taking steps to uncover your partner’s real identity early can make sure your heart isn’t broken. PeopleFinders can help you with staying safe and having a fulfilling love life all at once.

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