Three Ways College Campuses Are Improving Safety

Author: PeopleFinders on May 20th, 2020
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Many college students are new to being on their own. They’ve just moved out of their parents’ home and are completely new to being responsible for themselves. While the world of college can be a great place to learn new life skills and keep yourself safe, it can still be very dangerous. Although only a minority of college students experience some sort of threat on campus, it’s a fairly significant minority. Research shows that about 17% of college students report experiencing some form of harassment, threats, or violence within the previous year.

To step up to the plate and more effectively combat these issues, college campuses nationwide are changing things to try and stop violence, or at least make college students better equipped to handle any danger that may come their way. Here are three ways college campuses have stepped in to improve safety for their students.

Better Emergency Systems

Long gone are the days of a flashing light being the only way to alert students of a potential danger. Many of the nation’s top colleges use sophisticated alert systems that rely upon text and email to immediately signal to faculty and students exactly what’s going on. These systems are easily accessible, which means that all students–even those who are deaf or disabled–are likely to receive an instant notification of potential dangers.

In the past, fear of retaliation or disbelief would keep students from reporting infractions. Many crimes would simply go unreported, with the offender ending up escalating to even worse offenses. But these days, many colleges offer victims the ability to report crimes anonymously online. This gives the school and the appropriate authorities a leg up when it comes to investigating.

Safety Escorts

Although many students know that logically they should be walking with someone else rather than walking alone late at night, it’s not always feasible. Some students may not have friends available during these times. To help with this, many college campuses have started providing safety escorts, which allow students who’d otherwise be walking alone to walk with a campus safety officer. These safety escorts help students feel a bit safer while on campus. And no doubt the presence of a second person helps to keep potential predators at bay.

If you’re getting ready to enroll in a college, or you’re still deciding on a college, consider looking at the campus safety escort rules and regulations to see if you can take advantage of such a program. It’s an easy way to help calm your nerves.

Internet Safety

In the modern era, talking about internet safety may almost seem unnecessary; after all, most people already know about internet safety, right? In actuality, most people don’t know how easy it is to use simple knowledge to find out very detailed personal information about nearly anyone. With just someone’s first and last name, a city, and a state, you can use a background check site like PeopleFinders to get a substantial amount of information on anyone, from your significant other to someone you just met on an online dating site.

Students can certainly use this power for good, whether by running background checks on new friends or checking their new dorm mate’s criminal records. But others may use it in less savory ways. Colleges nationwide do teach students not to give out too much information, but it’s just as important that you take things into your own hands. Use the PeopleFinders blog to learn how you can protect yourself from internet predators.


Going to college should be a fun and exciting time; a time to make new friends and have new experiences. One of those experiences, however, should not be experiencing violence or harassment. Colleges are getting smarter about how they address violence on their campuses. But it’s just as important for students to address potential issues long beforehand. Whether you’re on a college campus or just living your life in general, you should learn to use all the tools (like PeopleFinders) at your disposal.

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