Three Things Technology Has Made Obsolete — For Better or Worse

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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If you’re old enough to remember the years before technology was so widespread, or even just before the internet had billions of people accessing it every day, you’ve probably noticed that certain things have become somewhat obsolete. It’s generally been pretty gradual, however, which is why you haven’t really thought about it and realized just how different the world is compared to even only 10 or 15 years ago! Consider these three things that people don’t really take part in anymore because of the rise of technology.

A Large Amount of Offline Games

Think about it; when was the last time you played Solitaire with an actual deck of cards? Have you played I Spy anytime recently? Even tabletop games have been overtaken by technology for the most part, with such classic games as Monopoly and Yahtzee available as mobile and console games! Solitaire is perhaps one of the most long-standing and well-known examples of this. The iconic Microsoft version was introduced in 1990, leading to an entire generation playing Solitaire exclusively online or as a computer application.

However, while many tabletop games have mobile versions, and console, PC, and mobile games are more prolific than ever, there are still board games and card games being produced even today. The board game industry hasn’t completely petered out, simply because they’re more accessible to the majority of people. I Spy is still played on long car trips, and many card games that incorporate modern culture are extremely successful. Even just an old-fashioned game of War isn’t that rare to see among people with less access to the internet. For many people, video games and offline games can coexist.

Old-school Music Players

While many people still hang on tightly to their vinyl or cassettes, there’s no denying that the music scene has long since progressed past the days of having to go to the store to buy a CD with your favorite songs. iTunes has about 40 million songs available, and Spotify has over 30 million, both far more than any CD or record store can stock at once. Many classic artists who started creating music long before the technology boom have also started to allow people to listen to their music through iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming services. John Denver, AC/DC, and the Spice Girls are just three of the many varied artists that started creating music long before the first 2001 release of iTunes, but whose music is available for purchase through the service.

Sure, many bands still release CDs or even vinyl records alongside their digital releases, but they’re almost always collector’s items, with many bands only producing a limited number. The main focus is usually on the design of the vinyl itself, and many people will hang their vinyl on their walls as design pieces. Some people who buy vinyl don’t even have record players! Nowadays, mp3 players, smartphones, and auxiliary cables are king.


One of the most drastic changes that came along with technology is that of the culture surrounding phonebooks. Back in the day, before people searches were common, the only way to match a person to a phone number was to look it up in a phonebook. Nowadays, many kids have never even heard of a phonebook; even some young adults have never used them!

Instead of going through the trouble of looking up someone’s number in a phonebook, you can use PeopleFinders to get those numbers with just a few clicks. PeopleFinders has a reverse phone search so you can easily find out who’s calling you, and once you get that person’s name, it’s easy to do a comprehensive background check, or look up his or her criminal records. If you want, you can also get information such as marriage and divorce records. PeopleFinders also has a blog to give you more information on plenty of different topics, something the phonebook definitely didn’t have!


Plenty of things have become obsolete because of technology, whether in the realm of games, music, or contacting people. However, many of these changes have been extremely helpful for the public. One of those helpful changes is the replacement of phonebooks with people search technology such as PeopleFinders. If you’re looking for a simple people search experience, you can significantly improve on phonebooks by using PeopleFinders.

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