The Best Ways to Stay Safe With New Friends

Author: PeopleFinders on May 19th, 2020
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As you go through life, people will come and go. If they share common interests, and have compatible personalities, some of those people that come into your life will become new friends.

As fun as it can be getting to know a new friend and develop that relationship, one thing you cannot ignore in that process is your personal safety.

Although it’s pretty rare to actually end up in a violent or threatening situation with new friends, you never want someone to catch you off guard. Plus, if you take steps to stay safe, you can maintain even healthier friendships as you move forward with these new individuals.

But how do you do it? These are some of the best ways you can make sure your new friendships are safe:

1. Remember the “Three Safes”

This saying can be very useful no matter who you are or when you’re meeting new people. The saying goes that you should make sure you’re with safe people doing safe things in safe places. If any of those “safes” are missing, you should try and get back on track as soon as possible.

Of course, the definition of a “safe place” or “safe thing” is up to individual interpretation. But in general, if you feel like you’re in danger, you always have the right to leave a situation. It’s a concise way to remember your safety at all times, whether you’re hanging out with new friends or old ones.

2. Stay in a Group Until You’re Well-Acquainted

Another great way to make sure that you stay safe, both with new friends and strangers, is to stay in a group that includes other longstanding friends. In general, when you hang out in a group, you’re much less likely to get into a dangerous situation. Whether you’re at a bar, in a park, or walking home, a group of people is inherently harder for a troublemaker to accost than one or two people.

While you’re getting to know each other, this same group can act as buffer, both inter-personally and safety-wise. You can protect your safety this way because you know your friends are likely to look out for you. And if the other person does turn out to be dangerous to be around, he or she is less likely to do anything dangerous with your friends nearby. Plus, it’s great for the other person because you’ll probably be able to talk more easily with a go-between.

3. Always Have an Emergency Contact

Whether you’re heading out for a date, going to a concert in a new part of town, or going to a club where you’re planning to have a few drinks, having an emergency contact is vital. This isn’t just someone who the paramedics can call in case of emergency, either. It’s someone who you trust, and who you know can really look out for you.

It could be a relative, your best friend, or even just someone else in your friend group. Whoever you choose, make sure you have it figured out before you leave.

A strategy that many people use is to text their emergency contact when they leave the house, and then again when they get back home. Prior to heading out, give your emergency contact a couple of details about where you’re going and when you think you’ll be back.

It’s rare that you’ll ever need that emergency contact. But if you do, it can be vital.

4. Consult a People Search Engine

If you really want to make sure that the people you’re hanging out with are safe, it’s a good idea to check and see if they have any criminal history or other troublesome issues in their past. This is especially important before you get too close to one specific person. A people search engine like PeopleFinders can help you try and find such information.

Before you start hanging out with any new friends, you can perform a criminal records check to try and see if you can find any issues. As long as the information is available, you should be able to look into the person’s criminal history, possibly including things like sex offenses, violent charges, and minor marks. If you find something that bothers you, then you can make the informed decision whether to move forward with the friendship or not.


It’s good to meet new people. Expanding your horizons is important, especially as you move into new phases of your life. But it’s equally important to be safe, and that’s exactly what PeopleFinders can help you with.

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