The Benefits of Using a VPN or Private Browser

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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If you’ve ever done some research on how to be safer online, it’s likely that you’ve run into information on VPNs and private browsers. These are both options that encrypt your connection much more securely than normal browsing measures, so you can input sensitive information on the internet safely. However, most people don’t know what VPNs and private browsers can actually do for them; all they know is that they’re supposed to be safe. Knowing more about the benefits these services provide might make you decide to take the plunge and purchase one of them for yourself!

Shop with More Confidence

Many people are understandably worried about shopping online due to the possibility of having their credit card information stolen. If you’ve had your information stolen online before, you’re likely even more on edge. In general, shopping without a VPN or private browser is safe, at least to some extent. If you’re shopping on a reputable website, it likely uses a secure server to send all the information, which keeps your credit card or banking information safe. However, with a VPN or private browser, you’re securely sending your information to the company’s servers, which are also securely storing the information. It takes security to the next level, which can be comforting.

Experience the Internet from Different Countries

One of the services that a wide amount of VPNs and private browsers offer is the ability to choose what server is transmitting your data. Many of them have servers all over the world, and you can choose to browse the internet as though you were browsing from that server. There are many benefits inherent to this option. One of the most useful ones has to do with video streaming services. Because of copyright laws, many streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, aren’t allowed to show certain shows in certain countries, which means that if you use a normal browser or internet access service, your location will dictate which shows you get. With the right VPN or private browser, you can show your location as being in an area that gets your favorite streaming shows! You can also access entire websites that may be blocked in your area.

Do Research More Securely

There are plenty of reasons why someone would want to do research securely. Maybe you’re researching a diagnosis you’re not ready to share with people yet, or maybe you’re buying presents you’d like to keep a surprise. Many people look things up on computers that they share with other people, and using a private browser makes it easier to keep things to yourself.

Using a private browser may also help you use PeopleFinders more effectively! PeopleFinders is a great place to do research on people, and you may want to keep your reasons for doing that research private. You may be doing a background check on your significant other because of some suspicions you’ve had. Perhaps you’re looking up a phone number that you gleaned off someone’s phone, or you’re just searching through public records to find a long-lost family member that you’re not ready to talk about yet. You may also be reading certain posts on the PeopleFinders blog that talk about your situation, and other people using your computer can easily figure out your intentions just by looking through your browser history. If you use a private browser for your PeopleFinders trips, you won’t have to worry about accidentally unmasking your secret because you forgot to clear information from your browser history.


In the internet age, privacy may sometimes feel as though it’s a thing of the past. People post more and more information about themselves on their social media profiles; websites are constantly asking for more information about your browsing habits; and there are more phishing scams than ever before. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to stay safe. By using a private browser or a secure VPN, you can do all of your day-to-day browsing safely, whether you’re discovering family history with PeopleFinders or you’re making purchases on lesser-known websites.

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