Thanksgiving Activities

Author: PeopleFinders on October 3rd, 2018
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 Thanksgiving is the perfect time for families to gather and reconnect– why not spend some of that time together doing something new and fun? Here are some ideas for spending some time away from the TV with your family that won’t break the bank!

Turkey Trot

On this day millions of people across the country gather in their local neighborhoods for an activity not usually associated with Thanksgiving- running! Local non-profit organizations across the United States hold Turkey Trot runs to fund dinners for the homeless, so this year be sure to burn off some extra calories for a good cause with your loved ones!


Not a family of runners? Arts and crafts may be more up your alley. Grab some construction paper and cut out a tree and some leaves. Pass the leaves around for family members to write what they’re thankful for this year. You can even make it a fun tradition by adding more leaves every year! You can find leaf templates and more holiday craft ideas on Pinterest.


Board and card games are the norm for many families on Thanksgiving. This year, why not change it up to a game like Twister that encourages movement and laughter. If guessing games are more your style, have family members write down what they’re thankful for on a piece of paper and put it in a hat. Once everyone has answered go around the room and try to guess what family member wrote what. You might be surprised at what you learn about your family!


If your family has a strong desire to make a difference in the community, volunteering may be the activity for you! Whether it’s at a homeless shelter, food kitchen, or simply bringing your elderly neighbor dinner volunteering your time and efforts as a family is sure to bring you closer together!  You can find local volunteer opportunities by contacting your favorite local non-profit organization, or by going to


Have more fun Thanksgiving activities? Share them below in the comments!


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