A 41-year-old Teacher Moves In With An 18-year-old Former Student

Author: PeopleFinders on October 9th, 2018
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How would you feel? You learn that your 18-year-old daughter is in a relationship with a 41-year-old man. A man who used to be her teacher. How would you react?

That’s the situation Tammie Powers recently found herself in. Her teenage daughter Jordan is romantically and sexually involved with a former teacher, James Hooker. Now Tammie is doing everything she can to tell her story to the world. She has one overwhelming goal: to get 41-year-old Hooker arrested.

Accused As A Sexual Offender

James Hooker met Jordan Powers during her freshman year. She was a young teenager when she met the man who started off as her educator, and later became her significant other. But there is some dispute about when the two became romantically involved.

Hooker maintains that he did not engage in a relationship with Jordan until she turned 18. Jordan’s mother insists that Hooker was pursuing her daughter via texts and phone calls prior to her 18th birthday. She says she has proof, and hopes it’s enough to put Hooker behind bars.

A Facebook Revelation

Tammie Powers is speaking out against James Hooker to anyone who will listen. When she first saw evidence of a relationship between him and her daughter, Powers didn’t know where to turn. So she expressed her anger and frustration in the most public platform she could find: Facebook.

Powers posted about Hooker, calling him a “sexual predator” and a “perverted child molester.” Her allegations have since gained national attention. Now everyone involved is granting interviews and attempting to get their side of the story heard.

Hooker has resigned from his teaching career, but Powers believes this isn’t enough. She says that she is fighting for her daughter and for justice. And she doesn’t intend to give up.

A Criminal Investigation And A Family Tragedy

Hooker’s relationship with Jordan Powers is currently under investigation by local police. At this time there are no charges against him. But the possibility of criminal allegations isn’t the only problem hanging over Hooker’s head since he made the fateful decision to pursue a former student.

Until recently, James Hooker was a married man. He has three children, one of whom is a 17-year-old daughter who attends the same high school as Jordan Powers. Hooker left his wife and kids to be with someone who is less than half his age.

When asked about his decision, Hooker suggests that he has done nothing wrong. Though he admits that this will be difficult for his family, he also declares that everyone must face difficult circumstances in life. He says he is just following his heart and that he has no regrets.

James Hooker And Jordan Powers

For now, Hooker and Powers are sticking together. Hooker moved the young girl into a shared apartment shortly after she turned 18. These days the couple spends their time looking for work, granting interviews and arguing that Tamie Powers is making false and exaggerated claims against them.

When asked by a reporter why he believes his actions aren’t wrong, Hooker offered no response. He turned to Jordan for assistance. The girl claimed that they weren’t doing anything wrong because they are in love. She asserted that they are happy, and just taking their relationship day-by-day.

Sex Offenders

If Tammie Powers has her way, James Hooker will be convicted as a sexual offender. Police are keeping a tight lid on their investigation, so whether or not Hooker will be charged is anyone’s guess.

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