Suffering. Turmoil. Violent Protests. How Do We Cope During Difficult Times?

Author: PeopleFinders on October 9th, 2018
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You can’t turn away from the screen. The images are disturbing. Shocking. But you can’t look away.

The events are happening now, but somehow they don’t seem real. They feel like something from a war movie or disaster film. And they never seem to end.


All Bad News

One moment you’re watching an angry group of protesters take to the streets. The next it’s a terrorist attack that claims so many innocent lives. That’s followed by an update on a recent wave on inexplicable killings.

These days we seem to have a shortage of good news. The stories we see are horrifying. We wonder what’s going on in our world. We fear what might happen next. And we struggle to make sense of it all.



So how do we get through these difficult times? When everything we see fills us with horror and disbelief? When we’re not sure if anything will ever be okay again?

We all deal with tragedy in our own way. Perhaps one of the best is to surround ourselves with loved ones. People who are here for you now. The people who will always be there for you.


Share Your Strength

Things may not improve anytime soon. We feel helpless. It’s hard to comprehend the pain and suffering we see endlessly. During these moments, we rely on the strength of others.

A good friend will sit with you and share your outrage. A family member may put their hand on your shoulder, and remind you that things will get better. A loved one can hold you close and give the comfort only they have to offer. And you can share your strength with them.


Move Forward Together

At times, news of the world makes us all feel sad and helpless. That’s when we truly rely on the people we care about. They will hold your hand, wipe the tears from your eyes and help you move on.

Our hearts go out to the people who are involved in these tragic situations. Innocent victims whose lives have been shattered. Outraged citizens who cry out in frustration, demanding to be heard. People caught in situations that are far more painful and terrifying than we can even imagine. We hope their family, friends and loved ones are there to help them through it all.

Life is short and unpredictable. Share it with the people you love. They are the ones who make the bad times better, and the good times worthwhile. The ones who give us hope. Here’s hoping for a better future for all of us. Thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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