Social Networks in the News: Facebook Grows & Obama Gets Tweeted

Author: PeopleFinders on October 21st, 2020
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There are dozens of Social Networks available to people all over the world, and two of the most popular are making big news … again. Facebook is in the spotlight for its impressive growth, and Twitter for a message that only had a short lifespan.

Facebook has more registered users than some countries have people. Their latest statistics show that the website is catching up with the populace of the United States. According to the most recent Census, the U.S. currently has 305,529,237 residents. The “population” of Facebook isn’t far behind – they now have just over 300 million users.

Last July Facebook reported 250 million users, so this is a very impressive jump in numbers over a short period of time. The company is constantly looking for creative ways to attract even more people. They recently launched Facebook Lite, a toned down version of Facebook that they claim is a “faster, simpler way to keep in touch with your friends”. Facebook also has several projects in the works, including a voice chat application, to delight social networkers.

It’s working. Although the site has been wildly popular, it has not been profitable. That changed during their last quarter; for the first time ever, Facebook made a profit. This is causing people to view the future of the company in a different light. Until recently there has been a great deal of speculation that Facebook would be sold to a large competitor, but now people are thinking the social networking site is in it for the long run.

twitterTwitter gets talked about a lot, but a few recent Tweets have really caught the attention of the nation. These Tweets came from employees of ABC News who overheard a comment made by President Barack Obama while his guard was down.

President Obama was talking with CNBC employees before an interview, and several ABC staff members who share the workspace were nearby. The subject of Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards came up, and Obama said that his actions were inappropriate. When someone asked why Kanye would do that, Obama replied “He’s a jacka**”.

Obama’s statement was met with laughter, and he asked that it be kept within the room. His request was denied, however, when more than one ABC employee Tweeted about what the President said. ABC officials had the messages removed, but by then they had been seen by a large number of people and were already being Re-Tweeted by those who approved and disapproved of the President’s comment.

This incident reopens a recent discussion about what people who work at nationally recognized companies can and cannot post on their social profiles. Representatives of ABC felt it was wrong for their employees to post a comment Obama made privately, and this could lead to a new set of rules that people must follow when using social networks. In the meantime Obama’s remarks will fall under intense scrutiny all across the globe.

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