Is Your Social Media Spying on You? How to Protect Yourself (and Still Find People)

Author: PeopleFinders on October 5th, 2018
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Facebook’s invasion of privacy is unfolding to the knowledge of the public. People are starting to realize how their information and lives have been exploited for financial gain and dishonesty. Social media platforms and applications are seamlessly connected and are storing all of the information on your smartphone. That makes it easier than ever to find out more about people in your life, and for people to find you. Here’s how you can turn the tables on social media by taking advantage of an online public records search.

Social Media Gets Its Power from You

It’s crazy how much information Facebook has about you just from having you download its app. For Facebook to run on your smartphone, you have to allow it access to things like contact lists, your camera, your microphone, and other storage on your device. You know how your phone’s photo slideshow pops up when you select to upload a photo? You’ve given Facebook access to your internal phone data. And that doesn’t mean they can only see those things when you choose to open them. Do you like using the geotag when you post to Instagram so everyone can know what cool place you went to? Your settings in Facebook allow for that location tracking, meaning they always know where you are. Does that seem creepy enough? There’s more.

Facebook also has access to your text messages, your calendar, and your email. The company will take your interests and likes and sell them to ad companies who will use the Facebook algorithm to sell you things based on them. Is there any way to protect yourself from this technologically terrifying and defenseless form of an invasion of privacy?

The answer’s pretty simple. Stop using Facebook.

Keep Your Online Information Simple

Social media is overwhelming, causes anxiety, low self-esteem, disrupts normal human interaction and healthy social skills, and even affects our sleep. Now that we’ve gone so deep into life with Facebook, do you think we even need it? What’s life without it? You might be happy to learn that it’s actually much simpler!

Worried about staying in contact with loved ones? Do you still want to have access to info about the people that are important in your life? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to track people down. Even without social media, there are public records that exist online for everyone, and there’s no opting out or disconnecting! An online person search like PeopleFinders is an easy, and legal, way to access millions of public records to get in touch with the people you’re looking for.

Public Records Have All the Information You Need

Everything on PeopleFinder’s extensive information database is open to the public and legally retained for the safety of the public. Don’t risk your private information getting leaked or be victimized by the dishonest tech-world taking advantage of helpless individuals who just want to stay connected to their friends. With PeopleFinders, any info for loved ones is just a click away to make sure you’re still able to call friends and family or find background reports of someone that makes you suspicious.

PeopleFinders is here for you to make sure you stay connected and can find the info you need. Go to the website today and get access to the data you deserve with simple search options and public records that are safe, easy, and ethical.

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