Six Signs Your Significant Other May Be Unfaithful

Author: PeopleFinders on October 3rd, 2018
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Did you know that approximately 40% of marriages have been touched by some form of infidelity? Questioning your current relationship status? Here are six background signs of a potential issue.

1. They refuse to delete their dating site profile. If you met your significant other on a dating website like or eHarmony you’re not alone- 20% of current relationships began online! But if you’re in a committed relationship and they refuse to delete their dating profile, or you find an account that they didn’t tell you about it may be time to tell your spouse to hit the bricks.

2. They have an app designed to hide information on their phone. These days it seems like there’s an app for everything, and cheating is no exception. Three of the major offenders currently available are CATE, TigerText, and Vaulty Stocks.

CATE (which stands for Call and Text Eraser) is an app created in 2011 by former police officer Philip Immler after seeing a friend go through a divorce because his wife found incriminating messages on his phone. It’s designed to intercept texts and phone calls and store them within the app instead of appearing directly on your phone. The app owner then uses a pass-code that is typed directly into the phone to unlock whatever Phone Records they’ve decided to hide, which also gives them the option of not using an icon to access the app.

TigerText is an app that helps cheaters by storing their iPhone messages on external servers instead of on the phone itself. The user can then set a time limit, and once the timer is done the messages are deleted. TigerText’s founder Jeffrey Evans claims that he created the app as a way to ensure privacy and not to assist cheating spouses, but like many forms of new technology CATE is frequently used incorrectly- unfortunately as a tool for cheating in a relationship.

Vaulty Stocks is designed to keep naughty pictures and videos hidden on your phone. If someone attempts to use the app but has an incorrect pass-code they’ll find what looks like a perfectly normal app for checking stocks instead of proof of cheating.

3. They have an account on a website like Okay, so this one isn’t so much a sign that your other half may be unfaithful as it is a sign that they are being unfaithful., which launched in 2001, is a type of online dating website that differs in one way from major dating sites. Instead of their target demographic being single people seeking a relationship, they choose to encourage people who are already in a relationship to use their service to find a lover. In fact, their motto is “Life is short. Have an affair.”- far from the type of online service a faithful spouse would use!

4. You see frequent calls and texts from random numbers or people you don’t know on your spouse’s phone. Cell phones are never too far from most people’s hands these days- 37% of people even feel compelled to check their cell phones every 30 minutes or less. But if your spouse is receiving texts or phone calls day and night from numbers that you don’t know a Reverse Phone Lookup may be the perfect tool to help you out. A Phone Lookup uses Public Records to tell you exactly who owns the number in question- and whether or not it’s time to contact a divorce lawyer.

5. They make sudden changes in their schedule or appearance. If your spouse is suddenly working overtime every night of the week, working out (especially when they hate exercise more than anything), and trading their regular clothing style for something fancier there may be a reason to be concerned. If your spouse seems to be changing their look without reason it’s probably time to keep a closer eye on their activities.

6. You catch them lying about their background. You may feel like you know everything there is to know about your spouse, but you might also be wrong. If your spouse’s recent behavior is making you suspicious a Background Check is a simple way to learn about what they may be hiding. While Background Report won’t tell you if your spouse is seeing someone on the side it can let you know about other secrets they may be keeping from you, like a hidden Criminal Record or property that they never told you about.

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