Should You Buy a New Smartphone?

Author: PeopleFinders on May 18th, 2020
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Every year when the newest smartphone comes out, there tends to be lots of glitz and glam surrounding it. In fact, it can feel like there’s almost too much buzz around it at times.

But who can blame Apple, Samsung or Google for their marketing blitzes? After all, they’re excited about their latest and greatest cell phone. And, of course, they want to stay well in the black after all the time and money they spent on the development and manufacturing behind their amazing devices.

But how much of that buzz is genuine, and how much will fall flat? Before you decide to spring for the newest smartphone model, here’s what you need to consider about all the new branding behind it:

-Expert reviews

-Technical advancements

-Privacy issues

-Available apps


Reviews From Experts

This is where many people will go first when they want to know more about whether a phone is worth it. These reviews might be from people you trust on social media, from news outlets, from technology websites, or just about anywhere else you actually trust. The important thing is just that it’s a thorough review.

Remember that some people might have reason to prefer one type of phone over another. If a certain person has an ongoing sponsorship with a certain manufacturer, for example, that sponsorship may bias the person against or toward a specific phone. Take every review with a grain of salt and read or watch as many as you can.

Additional Technical Benefits

What can this phone do for you that your current one can’t? With every brand new type of phone, there are almost always some impressive benefits to the hardware you can’t get with your current phone model. After all, if you could get those new benefits with the phone you have now, the company would probably just release it as a new software update.

Really dig into these technical benefits and see if you feel like it’s worth it. The highest-profile phones can cost upwards of $1,000 for a brand new upgrade, and that means you’re going to have to really justify the new price point to yourself.

Can you handle your current phone for another year or two, or is there just something you really love about the newest style? There’s nothing wrong with paying that high price tag, but it should be for a better reason than just because it exists.

Privacy Requirements and Concerns

This is one of the most important things you might want to pay attention to when it comes to a brand new phone. Although cybersecurity and general privacy now play a big and growing role in many people’s lives, that doesn’t inherently mean that every phone upgrade will pay that much attention to security. You always have to take your security into your own hands, and that includes when you’re upgrading to a new phone model.

You can get this type of information by following the experts that review these types of phones. Or carefully scour the phone’s terms and conditions and other important information. If a particular privacy concern is significant enough to raise alarms, you’ll probably see reviewers bring that up as a potential negative throughout the review. Make sure the privacy concerns don’t outweigh any other benefits.

Third-Party Software and Programs

All phones allow for some third-party extensions, though to varying degrees. The Apple App Store maintains a reputation for tightly controlling allowed extensions and apps, to a somewhat higher degree than the Google Play Store. If there’s a mobile app that you have really found essential in the past, make sure that any new phone model you’re interested in can support it.

Whatever phone you use, consider the installation of an app that can actually help to protect you against privacy issues. IdentityWatch by PeopleFinders, for example, is a mobile app designed for safe use on all major smartphone models, to check incoming calls for spam and scams (and block those calls, if necessary), monitor your online accounts for hacking attempts, help you access more in-depth information about your contacts, and more.


Sure, the idea of a new phone may sound exciting; the makers behind the new models certainly want you to feel that way. But still keep in mind that every phone model has pros and cons. Just do your research to make sure that the pros for the newest model you’re looking into outweigh the cons.

Plus, you can cover your bases and make sure you try to stay safe on any phone with IdentityWatch by PeopleFinders. Read the PeopleFinders blog for more information about how to make your phone habits safer, no matter what phone you’re currently using or looking to buy.

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