A Reunion For Sisters

Author: PeopleFinders on October 4th, 2018
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Even when Carmen was just a little girl, she always wondered why her mother seemed so sad. Carmen would ask now and then, but was always told things were fine. Deep down, however, Carmen knew they weren’t.

At an early age, Carmen learned the difficult truth. Her grandmother died of cancer when her mother was just a little girl. When it happened, Carmen’s mother was sent to live in a new home. Her aunt was sent elsewhere.

An Unknown Aunt

Until that moment, Carmen never knew she had an aunt. Her mother grew up in another country, and didn’t talk much about her old life. Carmen understood why. Although her mother and aunt lived close to each other, they were not allowed to call or visit. The two women grew up alone. Separated from the only family they knew.

Years passed. Eventually, Carmen’s mother moved to the United States. She traded several letters with her sister. They talked about getting an apartment together, and finally sharing the sisterhood they never had the chance to develop. Until then, both women would save until they could afford to bring Carmen’s Aunt to America.

Signs Of Sadness

Things moved slowly. Carmen’s aunt faced extreme circumstances. She couldn’t take it anymore, and ran away from the oppressive environment where she lived. More time passed. The sister’s lost touch and had no way to find each other again.

When Carmen was born, her mother’s life started down a brand new path. It was one full of joy and hope, and yet tinged with sorrow for her sister. As Carmen grew, she noticed the signs of sadness in her mother. Once she learned why, she became determined. Carmen vowed that some day she would reunite her mother and aunt.


In September, 2010, Carmen was hard at work on her promise. The young woman was dedicated to an idea. The most important woman in her life would discover the happiness only her sister could bring. She visited a website she’d heard of, PeopleFinders.com, and entered the information she knew.

Only a few moments passed, but it seemed like an eternity after all these years of waiting. Seconds later, there it was. Right in front of her was a phone number for the aunt she’d never met. Carmen dialed quickly.

It was her. Carmen happily introduced herself and eagerly shared with her mom. She watched her mother speak to her own sister for the first time in so many years. When her mother heard that familiar voice, her face lit up in a way Carmen had never seen. It was a smile that came from achieving a goal and a dream of a lifetime.

Thank You, Carmen

We are grateful to Carmen for taking the time to share her story with us. At PeopleFinders, we’re dedicated to helping you find anyone, anywhere. Your tales of reconnecting with people from the past are powerful and touching. Thank you, Carmen, for sharing. We’re glad we could help.

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