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Author: PeopleFinders on October 4th, 2018
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After high school, some of us go to college, move to a new area, join the military, or even get married and start a family. Naturally, old classmates and friends tend to lose contact over the years as life’s changes take them in different directions and to new places.

For many of us, high school was the most significant time in our young lives. The relationships formed in high school are often the ones we endear the most. Between sports, clubs, boyfriends, girlfriends, cliques, and more; memories from high school can last a lifetime. Yet all too often, we lose contact with those who influenced our lives the most. But in today’s age of technology, it has become easier to find the classmates, friends, and the loves you lost contact with years ago. offers a quick and easy method to search for lost connections.

Why is Safe

Unfortunately, searching for people online can sometimes lead to dangerous outcomes, so it’s important to be sure that you’re using a trusted website and search option, such as Using a site you’re unfamiliar with can make you and your computer vulnerable to viruses, phishing, or worse. If you ever encounter a site that requires you to submit sensitive, personal information about yourself before it returns any search results, steer clear! This can lead to many undesired results, such as identity theft. is a safe way to look for an old flame, friend, or acquaintance.

People Searching Made Simple

Using will also help you save time because our search engine requires just a name and city to begin searching. You don’t have to have an address, date of birth, or other personal information to find old classmates. We make it as simple as possible to find old teammates, friends, and flames.

Of course, does provide more advanced search options, including past address, known email address, or married name for those who have more information to go off of.

Reliable Search Results

After locating the person you’re searching for, will provide a current full name, address, phone number, age, and date of birth as well all known relatives. Whether you’re looking for your old high school sweetheart, the smart kid who you knew would become someone important, or just a friend that you wish to reconnect with; is your best option. It is safe, secure, and anonymous, so your information and the information of whom you are looking for stays safe and out of the hands of the wrong people.

To start re-connecting with old classmates, check out today!

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