Reconciliation Day

Author: PeopleFinders on October 4th, 2018
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Ever had a falling out with a good friend, significant other or family member? One that was so bad you both agreed to go your separate ways?

You probably thought about that person a lot, even after many years apart. You may have often wished that things could be different. And you might have decided that it was just too late.

April 2 is National Reconciliation Day. It’s a day when people are encouraged to put the past behind them, reach out and make amends.

Take The First Step Toward Reconciliation

If you have someone you’d love to reconcile with, then what’s stopping you? The first step is usually the hardest. Maybe you’ve been waiting for just the right time, or the perfect opportunity. Perhaps you’ve been worried about what might happen after you take that step.

Will the other person embrace you and appreciate your attempt to reconcile? Or will they reject your efforts? These questions have stopped so many people from reconnecting. There is no way to know how another person will react if you contact them after many years of silence. But if you’re sincere, then you may have a good chance to rebuild that relationship.

Once you decide to take the first step, you may realize you have no idea where the person is today. No matter where they are now, you can find them quickly with an online people search. Then you can choose how to reach out – whether it’s by phone, letter or even email.

Don’t Play The Blame Game

Before you make contact, think deeply about what you want to say. It may not be easy. You probably have a strong emotional connection to that person, and you may still have some deep-rooted feelings about the way your relationship ended.
While you’re thinking about how to approach the other person, always keep your end goal in mind. Remember that you hope to reconnect with someone special, not remind them that you feel they wronged you or reopen old wounds. Playing the blame game accomplishes nothing, and it could make matters worse.

Instead, focus on what’s happening in your world now, and why you’d like to invite the other person back into your life.

You Can Reconcile & Rebuild

It’s happened to millions of people. We all have arguments. Sometimes they get out of hand. You may have had a falling out that resulted in your not communicating with someone for several decades. And you probably wonder how it ever got so out-of-control.

Don’t give up hope. Yes, there may be some people who aren’t willing to let go of an old grudge, no matter how hard you try. But most people are likely to be receptive to an honest appeal for reconciliation. We all reminisce about people from our past. If someone is important to you, those feelings won’t just go away. Don’t you owe it to yourself to try?

Reconciliation Day may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Origin Of Reconciliation Day

Reconciliation Day was first referenced in a letter to advice columnist Ann Landers. The author hoped to share her story and personal plea with the world. She admitted that as she got older, time seemed to fly by faster and faster. And that she finally understood how precious every moment truly is. There is no time to waste by carrying ill will for someone who was once an important part of our lives.

This letter suggested Reconciliation Day, a day when people would reach out to someone from their past and try to fix a broken relationship. It would also be a time when people agreed to “accept the olive branch extended by a former friend.”

Millions of people were deeply touched by this letter. Years later, another Ann Landers fan suggested that the letter be reprinted annually. Ann agreed, and officially declared April 2 to be National Reconciliation Day.

Ready To Make Amends?

Reconciliation Day is celebrated every April 2nd. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait. If you’ve been thinking about someone from your past, and wishing you could make amends, any day could be the perfect opportunity. Just take that first step.

Have you rebuilt an old friendship after years apart? Then leave us a comment to share your story. Here’s to lifelong relationships with people who make this world a better place to be. Thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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