Is That Really Your Partner’s Cousin? How to Check Females That are Too Close

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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Whether you’ve been involved with cheating before or not, it’s natural to be a little suspicious. After all, while cheating definitely isn’t the norm, it’s a frequent occurrence. Therefore, when your partner starts hanging out with a woman frequently, you have a right to worry, even if he assures you that she’s his cousin, his second cousin by marriage, or any number of other familiar relations. Many people feel like they have no option but to take the partner at his word, when in fact, there are plenty of ways to check and see if the woman he’s started hanging out with frequently is actually related to him, or if he’s just using that to cover things up. Instead of letting your frustration and discomfort fester, try these tricks to fact-check that family tie.

Talk to other members of the family

Obviously, this is less likely to happen if you’re good friends with your partner’s family members, or even just passing friends. However, if your partner doesn’t think you’ll check, or you’ve never really talked to his family without him around, it’s likely that he’ll pull this claim out. The first step should be to talk to anyone from his family that you can contact. Whether that’s his parents, his grandparents, his siblings, or someone else, they can help you trace that familial claim. Make sure you press your partner for exactly how he’s related to her, and then talk to his family members about that exact familial relationship. If your contact seems confused or can’t trace it, it’s probably time for a serious talk.

Talk to her directly

Actually talking to the woman you’re concerned about can be a good idea, for multiple reasons. First, if she does actually turn out to be a familial link, it’s nice to get to know someone from your partner’s family. She may become a good friend once you’ve established that she’s part of the family. However, it’s also useful because you can make sure she’s telling the same story as your partner is. Has your partner told you some things about knowing her as a child, yet she insists that she never really knew him as a kid? Do they differ as to how they found each other again? Make sure you talk to her and your partner individually to get as much information as possible.

Do some general Internet searching

The Internet is an extremely powerful tool, and its accessibility and ease of use has made it an ideal way to fact-check people. Social media is an amazing way to peek into someone’s life – nearly 40% of people worldwide use Facebook alone ­– and all sorts of social media services allow you to add important things about your life and your relationships. If you can find a profile for her on Facebook, you can see if she’s added anything about your partner being her cousin, or if she’s posting some incriminating photos instead. Remember that if your partner’s really in touch with his cousin, they should both be open about the fact that they’re cousins, not hiding it!

Do an online people search

Before the Internet, if you wanted to find information on someone, you had to do a public records request and wait multiple weeks for records and then sort them yourself. Or, you used a phonebook with extremely limited information. Nowadays, we have PeopleFinders, which is a great way to get the information you’re looking for, especially when it comes to checking partners. The people search feature will give you a list of your partner’s relatives, and the background check feature can look into the past of your new “cousin.”


It’s definitely cause for celebration when you get back in touch with a family member, no matter how distant that family member is. However, if you start to worry that this “family member” is actually just someone having an affair with your partner, then it’s natural to want to check behind the scenes a little bit. One of the most effective ways to do that is with PeopleFinders. With its easily accessible list of potential relatives for anyone, you’ll be able to tell if your partner and his new family member are actually telling you the truth.

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