Quick Tips for a Great Neighborhood Social

Author: PeopleFinders on May 19th, 2020
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Planning a neighborhood social can be a great way to bring everyone together. You can make some new friends, create a network of people willing to help each other, and introduce the kids of the neighborhood to each other, so they all have someone to play with.

It can also be quite the undertaking. Making plans for a party with people you know is nerve-wracking enough, and that feeling intensifies when it’s people you don’t know. But don’t worry; you can throw a great neighborhood social with little effort.

Use these tips to ensure a successful neighborhood get-together:

  • Make it a potluck
  • See if a member of the police, fire department, or other public servant can attend
  • Work with your HOA or other existing neighborhood organization
  • Incorporate games
  • Keep the event safe and contained

Make It a Potluck

Potlucks are great because they serve multiple purposes. First off, they make the social less expensive to set up. You merely have to provide a main course, and everyone else can fill in the side dishes and desserts.

In addition, people are pitching in to make the social happen. Thus, everyone already feels connected to the neighborhood by bringing a dish.

Lastly, you can use it as a way to bring people together. Consider asking groups of people to each bring the same dish, but with a special twist. For example, you could have four people bring potato salad. This ensures that there will be enough for everyone, and gives each person a chance to show off a bit.

See if a Public Servant Will Attend

A social is all about bringing the community together. Public servants do the same thing, and any public service member will probably benefit from having so many community members together.

If you or your neighbors have any connections, see if you can get your local congressperson to come to the social, or invite the local fire department. People will be more excited to attend an event if an important member of the community is attending. The public servants will appreciate being able to engage with community individuals, and you’ll have a well-rounded neighborhood social.

Work with an Existing Neighborhood Organization

If there’s a homeowners’ association or community organization in your area, you may be able to work with one to put on a great neighborhood social. In fact, one may have already thrown one in the past, which can be helpful when you’re planning the next one.

You may get insider information on what works and what doesn’t. And the organization might have connections to public figures who can make an appearance, or local businesses that can cater for a great price.

Bring in Games and Other Activities

People love playing games. So, adding a game element or theme to your event can be a great way to get people to attend.

Some traditional ways exist to get people in the competitive spirit. A giveaway or raffle can be a good attention-grabber, and a silent auction might be helpful to raise money for the neighborhood association’s next gathering.

You can also consider some more creative concepts. Make your social a costume party, and give away prizes for the best costumes in different categories. Invite people to bring a potluck item made with the oldest recipe in the family, and the best one wins.

Plenty of unique ideas exist for this concept. So, brainstorm with other people in your neighborhood to come up with some good ones.

Make Sure Everything’s Safe

For the event, define the literal boundaries. If the event is outside, scatter tables or drape streamers around the perimeter. Keep doors and gates locked to make sure children cannot access dangerous spaces, like a garage or pool area.

And make sure you know a little more about who you’re inviting. Although you’d hope that everyone in your neighborhood is safe to be around, that’s unfortunately not always the case. Use PeopleFinders to try and help make sure that everyone you invite to the party is safe and doesn’t have a criminal history.

When you perform an address lookup with PeopleFinders, you can try to get information about not only the neighborhood in general, but also the people living within it. You can plug-in your neighbors’ names into the criminal records search to try and see if anyone has a criminal history.


A neighborhood social is one of the best ways to bring the neighborhood together and start to foster a true sense of community. When you’re planning your party, however, don’t forget one of the most important tools at your disposal: PeopleFinders.

It’s a great tool for when you’re trying to be safe in your social life. For more information on how you can use PeopleFinders in a variety of social situations, check the PeopleFinders blog.

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