Polygamy? Four Signs Your Husband Might Have Another Wife & Family

Author: PeopleFinders on October 5th, 2018
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No one wants to think about the prospect that their husband may be cheating on them. It’s a terrible thing to go through, and nobody wants to be the one that has to deal with it. However, with nearly a quarter of men admitting to having cheated on their partner, it can be an unfortunately common occurrence. So what to do if you’re worried that your husband has built up a different life without you? Here are four warning signs that your husband may be hiding an entire family from you.

He’s extremely secretive about who he hangs out with.

If your husband doesn’t want you to know who he’s hanging out with, or why, there’s reason to be suspicious. This is especially important if he reacts to your questions with hostility or anger. Even if he’s just a reserved person, it’s not normal to insist that your spouse have no contact with your friends. This could mean that he has different circles of friends: some who know about you, and some who know about his other wife.

He often disappears for weeks or months at a time.

Any time a spouse says they’re “going on a business trip,” it tends to make people quake in their boots a little. It’s definitely possible to go on a business trip without cheating! However, if you’re worried, ask where he’s going and what he’s leaving for. If he can’t come up with a response, or it’s a generic and vague answer, you might have cause for concern.

His demeanor often changes, especially when he’s not paying attention.

Oftentimes, a cheater that’s in this deep will seem like a completely different person when he’s with his other partner. If you’re noticing lots of changes in his attitude, especially if those changes happen when he seems lost in his own world, consider asking him about it. Sure, maybe it’s nothing, but when it’s combined with some of these other warning signs, it’s a scary red flag.

You find him under other names.

This is one of the classic ways to find out about a secret double life, and it’s unfortunately useful. Try looking him up on PeopleFinders. They have a fast, accurate database, and you can get a full background check and look up shady phone numbers from his call history. If they turn up separate profiles around the web, you may need to confront him.


The prospect that your husband may be hiding a secret double life is definitely terrifying. Nobody wants to consider the fact that their spouse may be lying to them, especially not with something this important. If you’re worried that your husband might be with another woman, your first stop should be PeopleFinders. They can help you rule out some awful thoughts, or maybe even confirm your deepest fears. Either way, it’s better to know, so if he is hiding a huge secret, you can make your choices with all the information.


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