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3 Ways PeopleFinders Can Help You Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

Your kids just can’t wait. School is about to end, and young people everywhere are determined to have the time of their lives. Summer is a glorious time for children.

Parents want to do everything possible to keep their kids safe, but it’s simply not possible to watch them every second of the day. There are precautions adults can take to protect their children, even when one or both parents are away. Here are 3 ways can help:

Safety For Kids When You’re Not Home

When your kids get a little older, it’s inevitable that they’ll spend some time home alone. Before they do, you’ll warn them not to answer the door, teach them to call 911, and emphasize that they must never tell anyone they’re alone. But younger children may need someone else around to help keep them safe.

Are you hiring a child care provider this summer? Are you taking your kids to a daycare center? It’s essential to learn everything you can about the people who will be watching your kids.

A Background Check tells you anything you need to know about someone who may spend time around your loved ones. Use it to see if a potential care provider has a stable address history, aliases or even a criminal record. Make sure you know exactly whom you’re hiring before you trust them with your kids.

Know Who Is Calling Your Children

We’ve all heard horror stories about predators who try to build up trust with young people. One tactic they use is to have private conversations with kids on the phone. Ever worry that someone you don’t know might be calling your children? You can find out.

If your children have cell phones, pay close attention to your monthly bill. Look at every phone number, and make sure it belongs to a relative, classmate or another trusted individual. Don’t recognize a number? Find out who owns it by running a Reverse Phone Lookup on PeopleFinders. You’ll learn about the owner so you can see exactly who is calling your child.

Warn Kids About Stranger Danger

Most kids are naturally trusting – so it’s up to you to teach them about the potential danger from strangers. Explain to your children that they shouldn’t talk to adults they don’t know, and that they must never go anywhere with a stranger. Emphasize this point again and again. Repetition helps.

Predators use an array of tricks to fool young victims. A predator may offer your child a toy, tell them that they’re a relative, or offer some other excuse that seems perfectly reasonable to a young person. Teach your children to stay away from strangers, and that they should scream something specific, such as “I need help!” if a stranger won’t leave them alone.

Parents can take an extra step to help protect their children from potentially dangerous strangers. A Sex Offender Report provides a list of registered sex offenders living within any city or zip code. Use it to see if there are offenders near your home, a daycare center or anywhere else your children may go this summer. Make sure your kids know about stranger danger – and that you know about any offenders who live near your children.

Have A Safe And Happy Summer With PeopleFinders

Summer should be a fun, carefree time for kids. You can help protect your kids this summer and all year long by learning about people who may spend time with them, knowing who is contacting them, and finding out who lives near them. is here to help.

Have a safety tip you’d like to share? Please leave a comment below, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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