How People Use Social Media to Enhance Their Relationships

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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Social media has changed the way we live life in the 21st century. From Facebook to Snapchat to Instagram, we often put our lives on full display — fine-tuned to how we want it, of course.  And with Facebook’s 2 billion monthly users at the end of 2017, more of us than ever are sharing the most important parts of our lives with friends, family, and strangers from all over the world.

For many of us, those “important parts” of our lives have to do with our significant other. Social media has irrevocably changed how we interact with our significant others, and, despite what some headlines will tell you, it’s often for the better. Here are 4 ways that some people have used social media to make their relationships better for both of them.

Sharing sweet things their significant other has been doing for them

Sometimes, it’s just nice to share things with your online world, and when those things happen to be the extremely considerate actions your partner did for you, it’s even better! People love sharing little tidbits about their significant other on social media. It might be because they like sharing that part of their lives or even because they like showing off what they have. It’s also a great way to tell your significant other that you appreciate what they did for you! If you’re willing to show the world what your significant other has been doing, it means that you especially love that part of your life.

Showing their significant other what they find funny or interesting

Let’s be honest; a lot of social media is sharing what other people have posted. If you find things that you enjoy, you’ll probably share it too! Whether you share it on your own social media page or you only show it to your significant other directly, it’s a great way to let your significant other know what you’re interested in, as well as what your sense of humor is like. This can lead to great discussions, and might even give them clues for gifts that you would like.

Noticing things that remind them of their significant other

Similar to the above point, there’s nothing wrong with showing your significant other posts that remind you of them! There are plenty of social media pages dedicated to posting content to show to other people, and showing it to your significant other can be just as fun! No matter what kind of content it is, it’s fun to bond over things that remind you of each other. It’s a casual activity to do together, and it also shows how much you know each other!

Making their life an open book

For many people, social media shows a lot of their life, even if it is a little censored for the public. There are plenty of things people show the world on social media: from what they ate for dinner to what their hair looks like as soon as they wake up. These things can be great for showing your significant other that you are who you say you are, even in the little things. Simply geotagging yourself at the place you said you were going to can be a great way to build trust!

But there are also ways that you can hide things with social media. Usually, you’ll get an idea if someone is hiding something from you, whether it’s from an uncomfortable feeling or a slip-up that shows they might not be faithful. If you’re worried about your partner hiding something, whether it’s cheating, criminal activity, or anything else, you should use PeopleFinders to get the full story. With PeopleFinders, you can run a background check, find criminal records, and much more, without ever having to do any extra searching. Hopefully, you won’t find anything, but if you do, at least you won’t be in the dark.


Social media is an important part of many people’s relationships. From connecting with friends to showing each other funny posts, we as a society have made it a part of our day-to-day life. But if there’s something off about your partner’s social media posts, there’s no shame in checking with PeopleFinders to make sure that they’re not doing something illegal or immoral. Use PeopleFinders to put your mind at ease, so you can go back to showing them posts that you thought were interesting!

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