Pediatrician Earl Bradley – Accused Of Child Molestation

Author: PeopleFinders on October 24th, 2018
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Many young families in Lewes, Delaware trusted an established pediatrician named Earl Bradley. The 56-year-old owned a successful practice in the small town for more than a decade.

In December, 2009, an earth-shattering accusation was made against the doctor. A young patient told her mother that Bradley had abused her during a recent appointment. The mother contacted local authorities immediately. Her disturbing claim led to an intense investigation.

Later that month, Dr. Earl Bradley was arrested. His office, known as BayBees Pediatrics, was searched thoroughly. The results were shocking.

Investigators found video footage that was said to show Earl Bradley molesting young children during examinations. The abuse allegedly went on while unsuspecting parents waited in a nearby lobby. Several of the victims were recorded multiple times, and they ranged from a few years to just a few months old.

When he was first arrested, Dr. Bradley faced 33 felony counts. Since then, more families have stepped forward to report instances of abuse. The charges against Bradley quickly shot up to 471. He has been indicted on every count.

If convicted, Earl Bradley is expected to receive a sentence of life in prison. The signs and toys that were well-known landmarks of his practice have already been removed following a request from Attorney General Beau Biden, who hopes this will be a “small step in helping the Lewes community begin the healing process.”

Biden will prosecute the case against Bradley, and says that he is feeling great about his expected results. The pain and suffering the victims and their families must deal with may never end, but justice in this case could lend a small amount of healing. Our sympathy goes out to everyone who was harmed by the doctor’s atrocious deeds.

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