Pearl Harbor Day

Author: PeopleFinders on December 4th, 2018
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December 7, 1941. This date was permanently burned into the memory of an entire generation, and more than 65 years later it still holds as one of the most notorious dates in American history.

It was the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and a day that changed the world forever. Just before 8a.m. that morning, a group of Japanese planes approached the unsuspecting naval base. They arrived without warning, and without a formal declaration of war.

As the planes coasted over the American base, they unleashed a fury of firepower that quickly sank half of the battleships stationed at Pearl Harbor. The assault was brief, but highly effective. Japanese Zero Bomber Planes were lightning fast and heavily armed.

America lost more than 2,000 people to the brutal attack. Over 1,200 more were injured. The assault consisted of two separate groups of Japanese bombers that damaged or destroyed a large number of American ships, planes and equipment.

This attack was intended to discourage America from declaring war against the Japanese Empire. It had the opposite effect. Although Pearl Harbor was a message warning the U.S. to ignore the aggressive behaviors of Japan, Germany and Italy, the event rallied people together and motivated the entire country to get involved.

Japan’s attack weakened American forces, but strengthened their resolve. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt proclaimed that December 7 would be a day that would live in infamy, and Congress declared war on the Japanese Empire. Our soldiers heard the call and prepared for battle.

On December 11, Japanese allies in Germany and Italy declared war on the United States. This plunged the U.S. directly into World War II. Within four years the war would come to an end, with the Japanese and other Axis powers surrendering. America emerged victorious.

At PeopleFinders, we remember the attack on Pearl Harbor with reverence, and we proudly stand to salute the brave men and women who went to war for their country … then and now. We thank everyone who has served this country for their commitment, selflessness and tireless defense of our way of life.

Now and then we hear from people who were able to find their long-lost military buddies through our People Search service. We are honored to help these veterans reconnect with people who served their country together. If you have a story to tell about how PeopleFinders helped you find a military buddy, please share it here.

We will always remember December 7, 1941.  Not just for the horrific attack, but also for the aftermath in which America proved that we would not be bullied, we would not roll over and we would fight for the freedoms we hold so dear. Stay strong, America; and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders People Search blog.

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