Obama’s Unique Gift: A Heart Shaped Potato

Author: PeopleFinders on October 21st, 2020
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On Monday, September 21, 2009, President Barack Obama made an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. His visit resulted in a more serious interview than you would usually expect from Letterman, but the two men also found a little time to laugh.

Before Obama took the stage, an audience member informed Letterman that she had a very unique item with her: a potato shaped like a heart. The woman was very proud of her unusual potato, and excited to be given the spotlight on national television. This moment soon passed, and the veteran talk show host brought things right back on track.

Letterman continued with one of the shows long running and extremely popular segments, the Top Ten List. This time around the topic was the Top 10 reasons Obama agreed to appear on the Late Show, and included entries such as “In this economy, someone offers you $600, you take it” and “Honestly, I have no idea”.  The Late Show ran long that night and the list was not broadcast, but the clip is available here.

Before long it was time for the President himself to enter Letterman’s television universe. He was met with great applause, and quickly earned a few laughs from the studio audience. Obama had clearly been paying attention; soon after he sat down he offered his own version of why he agreed to appear on the Late Show. The President casually quipped: “The main reason I’m here? I wanted to see that heart shaped potato.”

When the leader of the United States expresses an interest in your potato, what can you do but let him have it? The keeper of the hearty tater tossed the spud to Letterman and said that Obama could keep it. The President took a closer look at his gift and announced: “This is remarkable.”

Part of David Letterman’s job is to make an interview fun, but when the President appears on your show it could call for a more somber tone. The men discussed several issues that people all over the world are facing and tackled some tough subjects, but they also interlaced their conversation with laughter and even a little silliness.

Life in 2009 can be difficult, complicated and overwhelming. We all have so many pressures to deal with, but now and then we need a little time to have fun, laugh and maybe even talk about something offbeat, like an unusually shaped potato. That’s one reason it’s so important to have good friends and family by your side; to share the harsher aspects of life right along with the ones that make you smile.

At PeopleFinders.com we are dedicated to helping you find people you’ve lost touch with so you can bring joy into each other’s lives all over again. Every day is packed with work, errands and some pretty serious business. Remember that we all need a few moments away from our daily obligations and responsibilities to enjoy the company of other people; even the President of the United States. Thank you for reading the PeopleFinders.com People Search blog.

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