New York Nurse Wanda Rodriguez Meets A New Patient: Her Long-Lost Father

Author: PeopleFinders on October 9th, 2018
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As Assistant Head Nurse at Calvary Hospital in New York, Wanda Rodriguez meets thousands of people. One recent patient stands out above the rest. On August 25, 2010, Victor Peraza was admitted into Calvary. Victor is Wanda’s long-lost father.

41 years had passed since Wanda last saw her dad. She was only an infant at the time. Wanda and her sister Gina were raised by their mother, and they always wondered about the man who gave them birth.

An Instant Connection
It was a warm Wednesday morning when Wanda Rodriguez heard her father’s name uttered by a doctor. The colleagues were discussing new patients, and the doctor mentioned Victor Peraza. Wanda recognized the name immediately, and had to know if it was him. She rushed to his room.

The moment Wanda saw Victor, she knew. Still, she wanted confirmation. Wanda asked the man if he had any children. Victor replied that he has two daughters: Gina and Wanda. It was an emotional moment. Wanda left the room momentarily, and returned to tell Victor that she is his daughter. He looked up softly and said he knew it was her the second she entered the room.

It was a magical reunion. Although Wanda had many questions about why her father left, she was just happy to be with him again. They shared a hug, and as Victor held his daughter’s hand he began to sing “This Magic Moment.” Right then, it was the only thing that mattered.

Tragedy And Hope
Despite the joy of a reunion between father and daughter, the moment was bittersweet. Victor Peraza was admitted into the terminally ill ward. He is dying of cancer.

Wanda is very aware of her father’s condition, but tries to focus on the positive. She says she is “cherishing every moment with him, because I know that I don’t have much time left.”

Victor was thrilled to be introduced to his five grandchildren. His ex-wife has even come to see him. Wanda visits her father before and after every work shift. This time spent with the family he never knew has finally brought Victor peace.

Victor’s Story
Victor Peraza married at a very young age. He became a father while still a teenage boy. After the birth of his second daughter, Wanda, Victor filed for divorce and left his family.

Over the next four decades, Victor continued to live in New York City. He never remarried. One year ago, he was diagnosed with cancer. Since then, Victor has spent much of his time in various hospitals. In August he was moved to Calvary Hospital, a facility that provides end-of-life care. If that hadn’t happened, he never would have met Wanda.

During their visits, Victor apologized for not being a good father. He begged his daughter to forgive him, but Wanda told him it wasn’t necessary. Wanda was just happy that she found him. She says the past can’t be changed, but the important thing is they are together now.

It’s Never Too Late
Wanda Rodriguez learned that she did not live far away from her father for many years, but neither one knew it. Some may call it luck and others may call it coincidence that Victor was brought into the exact hospital ward where his daughter works. However you see it, their story is a touching and heart-breaking tale that proves it is never too late to reconnect.

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