New Wedding Photos Discovered On Facebook … By The Man’s Current Wife

Author: PeopleFinders on October 9th, 2018
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Picture this: you have reason to believe your spouse is seeing someone else, so you search for that person’s profile on Facebook. What you find confirms your fears, but it gets worse. You also see pictures of your beloved’s wedding – and you’re not in them.

Lynn France used Facebook to find a woman she thought might be dating her husband. The nightmare she discovered is now making national news.

The Search
Lynn suspected that her husband John was having an affair. She knew the name of the “other woman” and wanted to learn more. Despite being nervous about what she might find Lynn needed to know for sure. She logged on to the popular social networking site.

Some people post a surprising amount of personal information online. Mrs. France hoped she would see something that could confirm her suspicions. She still wasn’t prepared for what she found.

Fairy Tale Wedding
A profile instantly appeared and provided access to a public photo album. What these photos contained will haunt Lynn forever. There she was; the suspected woman with Lynn’s husband. But it was even worse than imagined. Mr. France and his companion were at Disneyworld. Getting married.

He wore a Prince Charming costume. She donned the garb of Sleeping Beauty. The couple stood inside the park while footmen attended to her every need. Nearly 200 photographs documented the occasion and brought Lynn into a state of shock.

Mr. France claims that he is not a polygamist. He says there is only one wife in his life, the Sleeping Beauty bride. According to him, he was never actually married to Lynn.

Lynn insists that the couple really was betrothed. They were married in Italy, and the company that helped make the wedding arrangements even displays a picture of Lynn in her bridal gown on their website. The France’s certainly appear to share the bond of matrimony.

Bizarre Twist
As if this situation weren’t already enough, it gets even stranger. It seems that Lynn may have known about the affair for quite some time. She’d seen first-hand proof, and even confronted the other woman. Lynn told her to back off, and that John was her husband and father of their two kids.

After Lynn saw the Facebook photos, she filed for divorce. It never went through; John came back home and asked to reconcile. Things seemed to go well for a while, until John allegedly piled the kids into a car and drove off to meet up with his fairy tale bride. The happy couple has requested full custody of the kids.

Back To Facebook
These days, Lynn says the only way she can see her children is to watch for pictures on the other woman’s Facebook page. John claims this isn’t true. He says she is more than welcome to visit the kids, and that he’s offered to pay for her to fly from Ohio to Florida. For now, this conflict remains unresolved.

How this will all turn out is anyone’s guess. Depending on whom you believe, Lynn may have known about the other woman for more than a year and John’s first marriage might not have been legitimate. It’s a baffling situation.

Watch for more on this story as it develops – and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders People Search blog.

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